May 25, 2018

Crystal Ball 2014 — Bowl Game And Proposition Bets

Now that we’ve predicted a not-so-stellar win-loss record for the Razorbacks in 2014, what about a bowl game?

Bowl Game / Record TipsterHog HopgBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
Regular Season Record 4-8 4-8 6-6 4-8
Bowl Game None None Duck Commander
Independence Bowl
Bowl Opponent N/A N/A Duke N/A
Bowl Outcome N/A N/A W N/A
Final Record 4-8 4-8 7-6 4-8
Final Ranking NR NR NR NR

So…uh…yeah…where is this ‘None’ Bowl and why the heck are we playing some school called ‘N/A’ in it?  🙂  But seriously…we can promise right now if Jonathan Williams busts a long touchdown run in the Duck Commander Bowl, we will absolutely tweet out “HE GONE.”

And finally, just like Vegas, here are a few ‘proposition bets‘ — interesting side bets that we’re making a month before the ball is snapped.

Propositions TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
Brandon Allen Over 2,000 Passing Yards? (1,552 in 2013) Under Under Over Under
Someone besides Brandon Allen takes a meaningful snap at QB? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jonathan Williams and/or Alex Collins top 1,000 rushing yards? Williams Both Both Collins
Trey Flowers Over 9.5 Sacks? (5 in 2013) Under Over Over Under
Biggest Position Worry? Quarterback Head Coach Wide Receiver Quarterback
Offensive Impact Newcomer? JoJo Robinson Cole Hedlund Cameron Jefferson /
Sebastian Tretola
Jared Cornelius
Defensive Impact Newcomer? Bijhon Jackson Henre’ Toliver Bijhon Jackson Bijhon Jackson
Breakout Player of the Year? Korliss Marshall Keon Hatcher Korliss Marshall Korliss Marshall
SEC Gets Two Teams (or more) in CFB Playoff? No Yes No No

Coming up next: Who will be the division and overall champs of the SEC?

  • GolfHog

    Breakout Player: Korliss, we might as well go with one name now.
    I’m all for long term, smash mouth, defensive football. No short cuts, build the foundation, a little bravado is a good thing, some swagger, fine. But, if your second string QB is your first string tight end you should have brought in a juco for some competition. Two of the last three SEC Championship QBs came from juco. Using your head to put a team on the field is not a short cut.