June 24, 2018

Crystal Ball 2014 — SEC Division Races

As we finish up our predictions for the 2014 season, here’s our best guess at who will win the SEC division races and individual awards.

SEC West TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
1. Alabama Auburn Alabama Alabama
2. LSU Alabama Auburn LSU
3. Auburn LSU LSU Auburn
4. Ole Miss Ole Miss Ole Miss Ole Miss
5. Texas A&M Texas A&M Mississippi State Mississippi State
6. Mississippi State Mississippi State Arkansas Texas A&M
7. Arkansas Arkansas Texas A&M Arkansas
SEC East TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
1. South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina Georgia
2. Georgia Georgia Florida South Carolina
3. Florida Missouri Georgia Missouri
4. Missouri Florida Tennessee Florida
5. Vanderbilt Tennessee Missouri Tennessee
6. Tennessee Vanderbilt Kentucky Vanderbilt
7. Kentucky Kentucky Vanderbilt Kentucky
SEC Honors TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
SEC Champion Alabama Auburn Alabama Alabama
SEC Player of the Year Todd Gurley Nick Marshall Mike Davis Todd Gurley
SEC Coach of the Year Nick Saban Gus Malzahn Nick Saban Mark Richt
National Champion Ohio State Auburn Alabama Alabama

So that’s it…2014 predictions in the book.  We can’t wait for practice to begin!

  • GolfHog

    College football is a game of breaks and emotion, yes and players. But, this is a new year in the SEC for QBs and that takes the player question out of the mix to a degree. A great team with a new QB can look very average while the reverse is equally true. The schedule is the great equalizer. Early momentum can produce big dividends in October and then a break or two in November can send you on to the title game. We’ve seen it before. The winners of this years schedule lottery are Missouri, Ole Miss, and Miss State. All have proven QBs. South Carolina is next, also with a proven QB and a better team. The winner of the LSU Ole Miss game might have a real edge in the West. Superior may finally get that SEC title for South Carolina and play for another National Title.

    • Roadhog

      I don’t know what you said there, but you’ve stated it with such eloquence and confidence that I must believe it is the definitive answer. I just can’t bring myself to put Arkansas last when there are two Mississippi schools(?) and one Texas institution in the same division. I’m not picking the Hogs to win it all, but I think they may surprise somebody, probably themselves, if anyone. Since the Hogs are not likely to contend for the hardware, I will be pulling for “Superior” tho I think Alabama, because of their depth, are the most likely to win the first four-team playoff. I am confident in my analysis, which roughly equates with Ouija, Tarot, and the I Ching, but without the gear and the hocus pocus.

      • GolfHog

        I was picking the dark horse.

        • Roadhog

          OK. Thanks for clearing that up.

          • GolfHog

            Happy too, anytime, as needed.

  • GonzoHog

    I have a really hard time believing this team will finish last in the West division race. With a more experienced O-line, RBs and WRs, our QBs will surely have more opportunities to convert plays into yardage and TDs.
    Solid STs and defense are the key with a solid running game. I believe we’ll be much closer to that than we were last season.
    Also, Texas A&M will be starting all over again without Johnny Football, the Evans kid at WR, and no defense.
    Even Auburn will see a much better prepared Arkansas team when they gear up for the first game. They had better not take us lightly if they know what’s good for them. Gus’s teams traditionally start off a little slow. Just sayin.

  • GonzoHog

    TipsterHog, really?….Ohio St?….Come on now.

    • Hey now…I had to pick somebody!!! And I just couldn’t go with Bama, Florida State or OU. 😉

  • soupdhog

    I’m with Golf, generally. I think this is the year we will see another team emerge from the West. Bama and LSU are starting over on offense with new QBs. Opposing defenses will challenge them to throw the ball by loading the box. Most forget that Malzahn sold his soul to the devil last year to beat Georgia and Bama with 2 incredibly lucky plays. This year will not be as kind to that team. Most underestimate the impact of the loss of Mason for them, and teams will be prepared to play against Gus’ offense – very similar to how teams were able to prepare for A&M after they had a lot of film on them. I think there will be a number of surprises in this division, and my pick in the West is one of the Miss teams – probably Ole Miss.

    For the East, I predict Georgia will be average. South Carolina always shoots itself in the foot, so that leaves Missouri or Florida. I’m going with Missouri cause of Mauk’s fantastic play, that will give him confidence this year and give them the edge over Florida, which will fire Muschamp at the end of this upcoming season.

    As for the Hogs, it’s hard to say. They played relatively well last season with a one armed QB. If our defense is 7 points better and BA can complete 50%, I think we’ll win more than expected. I’m picking us to finish in the middle, maybe as high as 3rd. Yeah yeah yeah, the schedule is awful, blah blah blah. What year is it not? We play the same teams every year, and dodge South Carolina this season….and many of our toughest games are at home. I see this schedule as favorable as it could be. I think we will surprise some people.

  • GonzoHog

    Soup, I agree with everything you said, except for Mizzou. I think they’re going to take a hit this season, losing their best 2 playmakers at WR. That never bodes well for a passing offense and will effect Mauk’s ability to scramble and convert plays. They also lost their best playmaker on D last season as well and will get blasted up front as long as they continue with that rediculous 3-man front when playing against good O-lines. (like last season against AU)
    Overall, they will be a good team in the East, but Florida’s defense should be superb and will more than likely start a solid and healthy QB this season.
    SC could very well be the best in the East this season, but like you said, always seem to finds ways to lose.
    Tennesse could suprise a few folks this season, much like I believe Arkansas will suprise in the West.
    I’m leaning towards 3rd place for Mizzou in the East. I just don’t believe they’ll have enough to compete with the big boys this time around.
    As for the Mississippi teams, you could be on to something there. I think they’ll both be very tough to beat this season, but Bama is Bama. They will have NFL talent at almost every position in 2014, and we all seen what happened when they started a new QB for the first time a couple of seasons ago with that kind of talent around him.
    LSU? Well, never count them out. They field talent like Bama does, but I do believe their QB is pretty raw, unless he does a lot of improving.
    Overall, I think Arkansas finishes at 7-5 with a Liberty Bowl or something like a Carquest Bowl birth and finishes 4th in the West. I’m looking for Miss. St. to pull out 3rd place.

  • Swineage

    I think that’s a pretty jacked up spreadsheet. I don’t think Auburn has a good enough year to do it again. And I also don’t believe that Ole Miss is one to watch too closely. LSU? Bama? Yea maybe. Hogs do not finish last. But I don’t mind being the underpig.