May 24, 2018

Crystal Ball 2014 — Wins and Losses

SEC Football Media Days 2014 has come and gone.  Predictions by the assembled media at the event have been made.  Now it’s time for us to unveil our predictions for the 2014 football season — as well as ask you to give us yours.

As usual, we’re planning to do this with a three-part series of posts this week so that we can fully break down all of the prognostications.

We start today with the bottom line…wins and losses.

Date Opponent TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
Aug. 30 at Auburn L L L L
Sept. 6 Nicholls State W W W W
Sept. 13 at Texas Tech L L W L
Sept. 20 Northern Illinois W W W W
Sept. 27 Texas A&M L L W L
Oct. 11 Alabama L L L L
Oct. 18 Georgia L L L L
Oct. 25 UAB W W W W
Nov. 1 at Mississippi State W L L L
Nov. 15 LSU L L L L
Nov. 22 Ole Miss L W L W
Nov. 28 at Missouri L L W L
Conference Record 1-7 1-7 2-6 1-7
Regular Season Record 4-8 4-8 6-6 4-8

A few notes:

  • Hard to imagine that 4-8 would be progress over last season.  But with this brutal schedule, 4-8 (assuming at least one of those is a conference win) will definitely be progress over last season.  Going 6-6 would feel like winning the lottery.
  • A little surprised that none of us liked the trendy upset pick of defeating Georgia in Little Rock.  And we also apparently don’t think it will matter that the Hogs play LSU the week after their annual bloodbath against Alabama.
  • It used to make sense for us to use “Crystal Ball” for the name of these posts.  But now that the national championship trophy is an ice cream cone, maybe we need to come up with a new name?

Coming up next: Who do we…uh…who does Sunshine think the Hogs will play in a bowl game (and where!) and who will be the breakout player of the year?

  • GolfHog

    5-7 with last minute losses to LSU, Ole Miss, and Missouri. Burt will make a bowl game NEXT year and win 9 games in year 5. He will even make the SEC title game in year six with his second 9 win season, only to lose in the third overtime.

  • Wins.

    Nicholls State
    Texas Tech
    Northern Illinois
    Texas A&M