May 26, 2018

Game Predictions — Auburn

Easily our favorite thing to do here on the blog each season is running our weekly predictions contest.  It’s always a fun thing for us during game week to throw out our guesses and then see what you think.  As always, a coveted 100 percent-ish cotton RBN T-shirt is awarded to the best prognosticator.

First, however, we need to take a moment to congratulate our most recent winner. In this case, props go out to Jeff E for correctly predicting a loss to LSU back in November.  That one still stings…but props to you Jeff E.  We hope you’ve enjoyed wearing your T-shirt while mowing the lawn this summer.

Here we go:

Auburn TigersWalking on Sunshine:  Both sides are going to answer a lot of questions right out of the gate this season.  Can the Razorback offense sustain drives and play ‘keep away’ from Gus?  I think they just might.  The Razorback defense shows how far they’ve come and gives Arkansas fans hope for the rest of the season.  Something to build on.  Auburn 24, Arkansas 19.

HogBaller:  Leading up to the game, instead of discussion about Malzahn and the “Gus Bus,” fans and media focused their attention on Brandon Allen’s flaming truck.  Is this an omen for the game?  For the season ahead?  Or is it just another instance of the often crazy and unpredictable circumstances that continue to make random visits to the Razorback football program?  Hogs show signs of improvement, but still have a ways to go.  The Gus Bus 27, Camión de Fuego 17.

HogBlogger:  The Gus Bus starts slow but rolls once it warms up.  Auburn 55, Arkansas 17.

TipsterHog:  There are a lot of Lions, Tigers and Bears…  and most of them will still be favored to beat us.  Auburn 34, Arkansas 17.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “Fred Talley just scored again.  GO HOGS!”

  • OwassoHog

    Hogs play tough but come up short. While the Hogs lose 28-17, fans get an early look at the new and improved team.

  • bosshog94

    Idk how realistic but boy I’d love to turn the tables on awbum with a 35-17 win over them.

  • Roadhog

    Opening day always provides a few upsets. Hogs get lucky; Tigles don’t. Turnovers doom Tigles while Razorbacks ground game rumbles.

    Hogs 30
    Tigles 27

  • HogsGuy

    This is the first game ever for this season and Arkansas big coach #BrettBillma say “oh man we want to do football games again so today this saturday we will do a game! And I do want to punch Auburn Big Coach #GuhsMallzin in his head on it.

    Quarterback man for Arkansas #BrandAlan say “hey my truck is on fire and then my arm is because I will do some touchdown throw plays!”

    And then running mans #AlXCollings and #JonathanWilly and #CordlissMarsh will do about 3 football field times for yards.

    It will be a tough time game for Auburns because they will yell for Tigers and then yell for Eaglebirds and then no one will know.

    When it is over the Hogs will have a win it. 28-24.

    And you can do your own score predict on my Facebook’s page at this link –>

    • NielsBoar

      OK – you made me laugh out loud. You got kind of an Earnest meets Borat thing going there. Better than Pondwater Jack, but you need a better name.

      • HogsGuy

        At NielsBoar. I am Hogs Guy and it is my name. OKay. Bye.

  • Carolina Hog

    I am trying like hell to be objective this week, hold off on drinking kool-aid, and to understand the 21 pt. spread on this game. However, there seems to be some conventional wisdom around this game that I can’t buy.

    First of all, I know Gus is a great offensive coach but I just can’t buy that Auburn loses their most prolific runner in school history and just plugs in the next piece. It seems that there real advantage is going to be at receiver, so if Marshall can pass over the top we might be in trouble, but I don’t believe they will run us into the ground.

    Second of all, as good as Gus is, his offense is all about timing and typically doesn’t gain full speed until later in the season. I think back to his year at Arkansas where we couldn’t move the ball on USC, his year at Auburn with Cam when they struggled early with Miss St and Clemson, the following year when they struggled with Utah St., and last year when they struggled with Miss. St. and Wash St. Marshall returns, but new running backs and offensive linemen will not be clicking just yet.

    Third. I understand that Phil Steele, who is a genius, has the Hog’s O-line in the Top 10 nationally and everyone I’ve seen has the Hog’s RB’s in the top 3 in the SEC and yet we are supposed to be awful. I can’t think of an example, regardless of defense, where a time has a good line and rb’s and can’t win games. It doesn’t happen.

    If Hog’s win the turnover battle, I think they will scare the hell out of Auburn. I’m resisting picking a win, so I’ll say Auburn 31-Hogs 28. We drive late and realize how much we miss Zach Hocker. Korlis Marshall has over 150 yds of total offense and Alex Collins reminds us of what he is capable of with two TD’s.

  • GolfHog

    Game day is not Burt’s forte’. He’s all about pumpin’ sunshine and gettin’ the boys to believe. They should be sky high. We’ll need some breaks to keep momentum going. We could catch lightning in a bottle. But we need someone to manage the game in tight situations. This ain’t the Big 10.
    Gus 35 – Shoot yourself in the foot 24

  • EarlyHog

    On the road at Auburn against a talented team with momentum from last year, with Hogs facing big questions at QB. Not a recipe for early season success.

    Auburn: 51
    Hogs: 13

  • Andy Rooney

    I’ll eat crow come Sunday if I have to, but I don’t see how anybody is predicting under 30 points for auburn. Having said that… Hogs 31, auburn 30.

  • Hogstomp

    Time for an upset.
    We can win and with a few good breaks come out on top.
    Hogs 35 Awburn 31

  • ArchHog

    Razorbacks – 17
    War Eagles / Tigers – 40

    Nick Marshall comes in after the 2nd series. We won’t look at good as I keep dreaming. One the road…..against Auburn….for the very first game of the year = no bueno!

  • atxhog

    ‘Barners QB sits a total of 1 series/3 plays, and the good guys hang tough for 3 qtrs. Eventually, AU’s up-tempo attack, superior depth, and the heat will wear out our defense, allowing them to pull away in the 4th. Not quite enough to cover that rediculous spread, though.

    Hogs – 24
    War tig-gles – 42

    All in all, I think (hope) that afterwards, Hog-nation will be pleased with the showing and be optimistic as to what the rest of the season can be.

  • Brian Baer

    Auburn 38
    Arkansas 24

  • Tomahog

    I will drink the koolaid and say that our 3 running backs and improved offensive line gives BA the relief he has been looking for. He has good day and the team breathes faith back into the razorbacks. The defense is improved but still has some work to do. UA 34 AU 27.

  • NielsBoar

    Auburn 42-21 cuz Vegas says so. I will be pleased if we play them closer than this and downright giddy if we win. Go Hogs.

  • Mike in Magnolia

    What I want to see is that the hogs show improvement. I hope Allan can complete 12-15 passes out of 22-25 thrown and our D-Backs can actually cover a wide receiver. Can our wide outs get space between their D-backs? A win is not expected but improvement is.

    Tigers 31

    Hogs 28

  • Nuclearhog

    Too many wide eyed freshman for a first game in a very hostile stadium. Too much too fast.
    Hogs: 20

    Tigers: 40

  • hegyeg

    Gus M. 42
    Ark 10

  • hog_in_iowa

    AU 31 – Will Get Better Each Week 17
    Hopefully Hogs will show they are not clueless on defense and will not give WR’s 10-yd cushion on 3rd and fives as we’ve seen repeatedly in recent past. If we can stay close and get a big break late in 2nd half, who knows, we could pull it off. Regardless, I think the Hogs show big improvement over last year and our young players show good times are, indeed, ahead.

  • TNarch

    I just can’t start out the season with a pessimistic outlook. Hogs add up lots of rushing yards and win the clock, but Auburn connects on some quick strikes.

    Hogs 31, Tigers 28

  • Chase Reynolds

    Well… I’ve got one more day to enjoy this koolaid and I’m going to enjoy it!
    Hogs 38
    Auburn 34

  • Rochester

    Hogs have another year of maturing…
    Auburn 42-Arkansas 7

  • HogNLimbo

    A work in progress, shows promise, but has some missed assignments. Auburn 24, The real UA 17. But the opportunity to win was shown again this year if certain plays were made. (I hope I’m wrong)

  • oldskooljt

    I wish I had as much optimism as some of your folks…but I just can’t see it

    Aub 38
    Hogs 13

  • NewYorkHogFan

    I just have no idea how this will go. We will have a better idea after a couple of series. I do think that Auburn was very lucky last year. They were not the best team in the SEC. Alabama was better and so was Georgia. Anyway, I think Auburn will be overconfident. I also think that Arkansas was not as bad last year as their record. They were close in a couple of games and Allen was playing injured. Since almost everyone predicts that Auburn will win, I will be different. Arkansas will be the more physical team and surprise Auburn. The aggressive defense will force 4 turnovers. Corliss Marshall will become a star and go for 180 yards. Arkansas wins 38-24.

  • Little R

    Hogs give it a good effort but run out of gas before Gus Bus does
    Auburn 35
    Razorbacks 28

  • Michael Stansbury

    Hogs 34 Auburn 33- It’s a two point conversion run left for the win…

  • T-towner


  • T-towner

    Hogs win at Auburn. Why not? It has happened several times before and generally when unexpected!
    Hogs 34
    Tiggers 28

  • soupdhog

    Let’s face it. Auburn got hellaciously lucky last year and should have lost at least 4-5 games. The Hogs bring back more veterans than most realize – kids that have played at Florida, Bama, and almost won at LSU. They aint skeared.

    I think Auburn will be full of themselves, which makes them vulnerable. The Hogs game plan is to control the clock – if they can do that and play a more aggressive defense then last year they can win this game.

    This game could actually end up being a blow out by the Hogs, but I won’t go that far. When a no huddle offense is stopped, they give the ball back to the other offense every 45-60 seconds, and with a pounding running game led by an offensive front that averages 6’6, 330 lbs, you’ll wear a defense out really fast. Folks worry about Brandon Allen, but all he has to do is be a good bus driver this year, and make a post throw to a streaking TE every now and then when the box is loaded up.

    I say Hogs 23 – Auburn 20. Bielema will be successful in controlling the clock, Auburn will be looking past this game, and we sneak out with a win.

  • uvahog

    UA: 17
    AU: 45

  • Bean Counter

    I really don’t know what to expect in this game. Part of me says it will be close. Part of me says the Hogs are just overmatched. I just hope we look better than USC East looked against A&M and Vandy looked against Temple. I don’t see Auburn scoring under 30, and the Razorbloggers seem to have consensus that the Hogs will score 17, so I’ll go with the “not close” part of me and say that Bielema’s “1-0” turns into “0-1”. Auburn 38, Hogs 21.

  • jds1st

    well I have faith in the hog we are going to be much better hogs 34 tigers 28

  • HogSlop

    Hawg’s – 27

    War Chickens – 35

    Woo Pig, giv’em hell!

  • Memphis Hog

    Hogs – 24
    Auburn – 37

    I think we’ll see a much improved Razorback team. And I think Auburn will start slow without Marshall. But, not enough to keep up. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  • Jonesboro Hog

    Hogs will win!

    Razorbacks: 28
    War Kittens: 24

  • Hogdrix

    38-21 Hogs with a defensive/ST score or two.