April 22, 2018

Game Predictions — Nicholls State

Congratulations to longtime reader NielsBoar for the closest prediction last week of 42-21.  His quote: “Cuz Vegas says so.  I will be pleased if we play them closer than this and downright giddy if we win.”  Yep…as much as that second half sucked for Hog fans, the bookies were giddy that Auburn went on a scoring spree.  Congrats Niels…an RBN T-shirt to help you commemorate the Hogs’ 10-game losing streak for years to come is yours.  (Check your e-mail.)

Here we go:

Nicholls State ColonelsWalking on Sunshine:  More questions than we would have liked emerged from the Auburn second half.  Unfortunately, they won’t be answered this week.  The Hogs travel to Lubbock next week on a win streak.  Arkansas 55, Nicholls State 12.

HogBaller:  Nicholls State, riding a 7-game losing streak, faces off with a 10 loss in-a-row Razorback team.  Look for the Razorbacks to give Nicholls loss number 8, while hopefully starting a new winning streak of their own.  The Hogs should dominate all phases of the game, but there will still be some unanswered questions.  Is 300 yards rushing and 200 yards passing expecting too much?  Arkansas Razorbacks 55, Nicholls State Tasty Cakes 6.

HogBlogger:  These things shouldn’t be allowed, but sometimes a shot of confidence is needed.  Arkansas 38, Whoever 10.

TipsterHog:  A new milestone of the Bret Bielema era is achieved on Saturday:  Scoring over 34 points!!!  Arkansas 41, Nicholls State 10.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “Waiting 357 days for a win is long enough.  GO HOGS!”

  • Carolina Hog

    Alex Collins gets back over 100 for the first time in a long time and Allen throws for over 300. Hogs 45 NSU 17

  • bosshog94

    Bielema brings a little Wis. V. Nebraska spice and the Hogs win 98-3.

  • Hogtastic

    Hogs win 35-17

  • Roadhog

    I think Hogs win 45-6. No reasons, really, just trying to find a reasonable number that hasn’t been taken yet. OK, no TDs allowed by Hogs De. Offense gets to act like the big boys. Now does NSU have a mascot and are they a real university?

    More important: Has the neo-RBN t-shirt been modeled and reviewed yet this season or will it be a retro design? What can I expect to win? And, in this competition are commenters allowed to pick the same score as one of the Razorbloggers? The RBers always get to go first and get the fresh picks, which is, uh, inequitable. These are important questions to me since my collection of these garments comprises so much of my wardrobe.

    • RBN posters can pick the same score…even the scores that the RazorBloggers pick. In the event of a tie or two persons picking the exact (closest) score, a random drawing will decide the winner of the coveted RBN t-shirt.

  • Hogwild28

    44-20 hogs. Allen takes a weird step backwards against lesser competition. Rushing saves the day. We play a lot of true freshman in 2nd Half and give up points in garbage time. 44-20 hogs

  • oldskooljt

    Sometimes you just crave a cupcake

    Hogs 45
    ‘Cakes 10

  • HogsGuy

    It is almost the time for another Hogs Football game time this Saturday and they will do a game verse Nickels State’s. And that enemy team is not a really good one.

    Big coach #BrettBillma say “us Hogs will wake up on the wrong side of thebed because we are mad at losing. And we want to do wins1

    And that is why the running mans #AlXCollings and #JonathanWilly and#CordlissMarsh will do so many runs and touchdowns.

    The defense man #DiarysPhilly say “you do want to see a sack tackle? okay I will do them for all Hogs fans.

    And when the game is over the Hogs will have a score of Arkansas 38 verse Nickels State’s 7.

    You can also do win things on my Facebook’s page so go to this and click it –> https://www.facebook.com/iamhogsguy/photos/a.582628668509658.1073741831.576930065746185/582628611842997/?type=1

    • jaydub

      Ark 48 to 17

  • John Laird

    Hogs – 45 & Nicholls – 24. Offense scores and defense struggles. I think we’ll find out our defense isn’t near where it needs to be.

  • OwassoHog

    Hogs end the long losing streak (finally) 55-10!

  • Mike in Magnolia

    Hungry Hogs get a win and wishes they could take some of the points they score with them to Lubbock
    Hogs 49
    NS 10

  • Jonesboro Hog

    Every pass that Nicholls State throws gets picked off!..
    Hogs: 42
    State: 0

    • steve_uno

      I had that dream to, JBH — but then I woke up!!!

      • Jonesboro Hog

        It’s all for fun. I’ll be there in the grandstands rooting on the Hogs. Still wouldn’t mind seeing a shut out. We need some major confidence.

  • ArchHog

    We need a huge confidence boost…and we’re in luck. Nicholls State gets the spanking they expected. Our secondary still sucks and gives up some big plays. Brandon Allen…blah! Running game is rollin’!!!!

    Arkansas – 38
    Nicholls State – 10

  • Nuclearhog

    Enjoy the win.

    Hogs: 40
    Nichols: 14

  • steve_uno

    It would be a lot more fun to predict the attendance a Razorback Stadium Saturday! How’ bout — Hogs 60k – Cols 5k.

  • hog_in_iowa

    UA 53 – NS 12

    Chants of “We’re Number 1” echo through RRS late in 4th qtr. Fans explain they are just practicing for 2016.

  • EarlyHog

    Kirkland steps on Skipper, Skipper steps on Allen, Allen steps on Collins, and Collins steps on Henry, while JoJo listens to game on radio from Fayetteville. Regardless, Hogs win.
    High Steppin’ Hogs: 22
    Wooden Nickels State: 3

  • TNarch

    All offense all the time…defense still gives up some points.
    Hogs 38, NS 24

  • GolfHog

    Boy, it’s hard to care. But, it’s a long season; the second year is supposed to show real improvement. It should start this week. Hopefully we do better than Hogs 45-21.

  • NielsBoar

    Hogs 52 – 6.

  • Brian Baer

    Just keep improving.
    Hogs 45
    Nicholls State 10

  • lbone9 .

    Hogs win big 38-6! WPS!

  • hogNTexas

    Hogs 34,nicholls st.14

  • Bean Counter

    500 yards rushing and score of 42-10 Hogs

  • I Like Pigs

    Hogs feast on cupcake 42 – 17.

  • T-towner

    If not too late———–2:52 PM CDT, Game Day!
    Hogs 59
    Nicholls Territory 3