July 18, 2018

Tennessee 74, Arkansas 69

(AP Photo/Patrick Murphy-Racey)

ESPN.com: Tennessee hangs on to knock off 19th-ranked Arkansas

Josh Richardson scored 20 points and Tennessee withstood a furious Arkansas comeback to hang on for a 74-69 victory over the 19th-ranked Razorbacks on Tuesday night.


  • Roadhog

    That was pathetic. Hogs just did not show up in the first half at all, and not really until about seven minutes left in the game. I am not invested in this team at all. They are just too inconsistent, timid. They play great at home where they have instant approval, but without that fan support they are nothing. In other words, they are just playing for the adulation, not for the pride of competing. They just don’t have any killer instinct. Mike Anderson took the blame upon himself after the game. And perhaps he really is the one who lacks the edge. But you can look at the box scores and see that only Portis, Qualls and Beard showed up to play on this night. Bell was tentative. Madden was lost. Watkins and Kingsley might as well have stayed in Fayettefille. Durham: no show. Harris, Williams: bricklayers. While this team has a lot of talent, it has little heart and toughness. Bunch of pussies. I doubt they will win another road game this season.

    • TNarch

      I don’t want to call anybody out, but it looks like the seniors still don’t know how to play away from the home court. Watching lethargic play and unexplainable mistakes, they seem to be playing to the old expectation. If I remember correctly, it was a senior that help produce the old expectation at Clemson with two turnovers in the last few seconds of regulation that allowed Clemson to take the game to overtime. The team that went to Iowa State is the team that showed up for the first half of the UT game. Each time I think that will be the game that is the wake-up call, but I guess not. Even still, I have hope for this team. At Missouri, Auburn, MissSt., surely there’s at least one more road win in the schedule.

  • GolfHog

    When this team is bad, they’re really bad. Mike was being patient while his team was pushing too hard without much focus. I might have had a revolving door to the scorer’s table until I found a combination. Tennessee was clearly focused on taking Portis out of the game triple teaming out of that zone.
    We still don’t have a starting point guard or a shooter consistent enough to be a zone buster and yet Beard still had a chance to send the game to overtime. Arkansas was clearly the better team from start to finish and played down past the competition.

    • Roadhog

      These guys seem to shoot well enough in Fayetteville. Beard had a good game. Bell can really knock it down when he’s ON. No, the Hogs just got out-hustled, especially in the first half. They were getting out-rebounded 2 to 1and turning the ball over early and often. They were just not ready to play. How do you let a smaller team out-rebound you? This team allows that all the time. I mean, really, almost all the time. How can Anderson keep harping about defense when his team is consistently beaten on the boards? He must have a different concept of defense than the rest of the basketball world. Also he keeps saying the offense feeds off the defense, which is rather strange considering what poor defense they play. They’re always trying for flashy steals instead of playing solid defense, rebounding and half-court offense. It’s fun to watch when it’s working, which is only at home, but it always loses out to teams that can control the ball and avoid turnovers. I could go on but most of the season still lies ahead.

  • Hogwild28

    Tennessee obviously got lit up by their coach after that loss to Alabama. I’m not some homer that’s buying into this crap about how we are bad on the road etc. etc. Its hard to play on the road. The #1 team in the country that is compared to nba teams went to multiple overtime games to win (including 1 at home). We had a bad stretch but that happens. We obviously rebounded and brought it back. That’s the sign of a good team. We were down by 15 and I honestly just sat there waiting for us to come back. I actually expected to win. But I watched the game and didn’t consult a box score so my opinion may be different than others. Its okay to lose guys. We don’t have to run back up to the ledge every single time we don’t go undefeated in every sport. Its getting old and at first I thought I was just seeing the vocal minority but now I’m afraid Arkansas education level is affecting our ability to analyze and assess situations. Don’t mean that as a dig but when you are 49/50 in education in our great state then you have to realize you aren’t always dealing with sharp knives.

    • Roadhog

      Thank you for not taking a dig at the Arkansas education system and those who write on this blog. That’s such a soft target. It’s very generous of you to realize that you aren’t always dealing with sharp knives and to make allowances for our educational deficits. I don’t know about GolfHog, but I must admit to having attended Arkansas schools.

      I did read the box score, or tried to, to the best of my ability to cipher such information. When it gets way up there in the two-digit numbers I get a little dizzy. What caught my eye was all those 0s (zeroes, or “goose eggs” as the smart mouth guys on the teevee machine call ’em), by guys who played and didn’t tally any meaningful stats, like points or rebounds or stuff like that.

      The Hogs may not be a bad road team, as you suggest, but they have lost to Clemson and Tennessee, both games they should have won easily. Forgive me if I fail to see anywhere in your comment that you have addressed this problem other than to say, “It’s okay to lose. . ..” Unfortunately for the Hogs, the NCAA Tournament committee, the people who make up the brackets, don’t seem to view it that way. They actually count those losses against you. Go figure.

  • soupdhog

    Roadhog, let me help you off the ledge. It’s not as dire as you may think.

    It’s hard to win on the road. Not impossible, but hard. And these kids have lost one SEC road game this year against a fairly decent team. And they actually showed toughness to get back in the game and had a great chance to win.

    That being said, there are some improvements needed. I’d argue just a few tweaks, such as putting more urgency on a fast start, being aggressive immediately and not letting up, etc.

    I feel better about this team than I have about the last 5 teams. They’ll get it together.

    • Roadhog

      Thanks, Soupdhog, for talking me down. Man I was THIS close to the edge and staring into the abyss. What they say is true.

      I think this team has a lot of talent, but Anderson hasn’t harnessed it yet and perhaps never will. Whatever the reason, most of the players are not producing up to their potential. They don’t play hard defense and they don’t rebound well, things that take a lot of effort and determination. They just don’t have it. Their gambling style of defense leaves a player out of position if he doesn’t get the steal. Hogs always fare badly against ball-control, half-court offenses and zone defenses. And they have a very poor half-court offense of their own. It’s fun to watch against weak teams, but hard to watch against good teams. That’s because the Hogs almost always lose against good teams outside the Bud. I don’t see Anderson changing anything anytime soon. If not for Portis this would be a mediocre team at best.

  • Tomahog

    As fans we all seem to only live from game to game. A loss is always a disappointment but we should not lose sight of the progress we have made and will continue to make going forward. Mike has brought the program to a very respectful level after years of mediocrity. Road games still have a long way to go but even there we are improving. I am enjoying hog ball again and I believe we have a bright future.