October 17, 2018

Arkansas 81, Texas A&M 75

(AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

ESPN.com: Portis’ 22 points lifts No. 18 Arkansas over Texas A&M 81-75

Bobby Portis scored 22 points and No. 16 Arkansas won its seventh straight game with an 81-75 victory over Texas A&M on Tuesday night.



  1. Twenty minutes of Hogball; twenty minutes of dogball.

  2. The first 20 minutes was a flashback to 1994. Nolan must have talked to those guys before the game, and was obviously out on the floor receiving props instead of talking to the team at halftime. Guys were diving on the floor for balls! I loved Anton Beard’s hustle – press the inbound, then follow the over the top pass and pop the ball out from behind. That kid has Clint McDaniel’s defensive spirit in him now.
    Bobby Portis is the money man of this team, the true talent, but Anton Beard is the leader we have been missing for the past 20 years.

    At half time we decided the game was over and came out lazy and jacking up threes.
    I think it is good that A&M came back. Shows our guys that it is going to take 40 minutes of that to beat Kentucky. I think with 40 minutes of that first half effort, we can beat anyone. That was Hogball – the best we’ve played since the 90s. Everybody saw it. Everybody noticed it. Hopefully Anderson can capture it and get these guys to keep that intensity for 40 minutes this Saturday.

    • I totally agree. I was worried after the first half that a whole game of playing that well against A&M was not going to bode well for being mentally ready for Kentucky. As it was, that game might have been perfect for putting us in a position to play a full 40 minutes and get the upset at Rupp.

  3. That was fun. Just like old times.
    You can’t expect kids to maintain that level of excitement, and you can’t expect A&M not to make adjustments and play hard in the second half.

    • Kids were primed to start the game but poor coaching almost lost the game. What was Mike thinking???

      • Very funny. As my dad used to say, “you’d complain if they hung you with a new rope.”
        This team is 23-5/12-3 and just played the best half of basketball played in this state in 15 years. The future looks BRIGHT with great coaching and great recruiting.
        Coach B has won 2 SEC games in two years but because he talks so big he gets an extra million, an extra year, and a 15 mil buyout for what might happen next year AND, the replacement costs
        Mike is a soft spoken guy. He’s not Nolan. The job is getting done. You want Pelphry or Heath back? Think of those replacement costs.

        • At this point, I’d say he’s only marginally better… but since we’ve done replacement cost after replacement cost I’m not sure that’s much of a factor. Definitely a better year (record wise) not so sure that it’s that much better of a team. At 23-5, you’d expect to be ranked higher than we our at #18. So, this tells me that we are being held back based upon the last 15 years or that we aren’t really as good as we’d think we are.

          Have we turned the corner… we might know that answer in just 2-3 weeks! 😉

          • I don’t think it’s the people making the rankings who care so much about the last 10 years, they’d love to have Arkansas back in the mix with KY and FL. The fans may have been more effected if they can’t see a difference between Heath/Pelphery and Mike.
            This is not one of the great Hawgball teams. We need better guard play. But, they are learning to play real hawgball. And they have as much talent top to bottom as we’ve seen in Fayetteville in a while. It’s good coaching, defense and unselfish play, and, recruiting, top players in the first group and bringing a real second five in off the bench.

  4. SlobberHog23 says:

    1st half had me fired up! 2nd half had me falling asleep.

  5. Glad to get the win! But I have to agree with Hungry hog that the hogs assumed they had it in the bag after the first half and went to sleep in the second half,it was obvious that the intensity level wasnt the same,shots wer’nt falling as well and the rebounding effort was terrible! I loved the way we played in the 1st..it was hawgball from the 90’s but the 2nd was more like what we’ve seen throughout this season. Now we know what this team is capable of and should be expected from here on out. Coach A absolutely must stress the importance of playing the entire 40 minutes and dont allow the players to lay down just because they have a huge lead. If we want to have a shot at beating KY, we will have to play at the intensity level we saw in the 1st half, ” the whole game”..it wont be easy to win at Rupp A so we have to bring the A game for this one.the A&M game should be a huge lesson that even if you have a 20 or 25 pt lead at the half,you cannot assume that you will always win,especially in the SEC.and obviously with KY,they will be ready come sat.at home.but I understand we have beat them the last three games and I also heard that they are definitely nervous about facing the hogs again! so at least we have that going for us and hopefully we can come out with another road win and climb up in the rankings!..WPS!!..GHG!!

  6. While it would have been more fun to have watched the Hogs continue to run in the second half, a second half wake-up call should help them prepare for Saturday . No doubt this game will be a challenge. Anything is possible before the last buzzer sounds. Razorbacks vs. Calpari/Wildcats 4-2….Mike Anderson/Razorbacks vs. Calpari/Wildcats 3-1. Razorbacks, the only team in the country that has beaten the Wildcats 3 games in a row. This Hogs team is better than the teams that have won 4 out of 6, but the Wildcats are a better team than the ones that have lost 4 out of 6. Hopefully it will be the SEC game of the year!! WPS!! GHG!!