October 17, 2018

Kentucky 84, Arkansas 67

(AP Photo/James Crisp)

ESPN.com: No. 1 Kentucky rolls past No. 18 Arkansas, clinches SEC title

Andrew Harrison and Trey Lyles each scored 18 points and top-ranked Kentucky rolled past No. 18 Arkansas 84-67 on Saturday to win the Southeastern Conference regular-season title.



  1. OwassoHog says:

    Faster 40 minutes… DOA! 🙁 Last time I saw a blow out like this was: http://www.razorbloggers.net/2010/01/kentucky-101-arkansas-70/.

    HawgBall was exposed this time which might not be such a bad thing if we are fortunate enough to meet in the SEC finals… we might not be so out coached and out played. I like our chances much better the second time around. Kentucky was too pumped and ready to show us who was the Big Dog!

    • So if you let Anderson coach that Kentucky team and let Cal coach the Hogs, what do you think the outcome would have been yesterday?

      • OwassoHog says:

        Obviously, it’s tough to say on a one game deal… swap teams for the season and I could provide you with a clear answer! 😉

      • soupdhog says:

        Calipari is NOT a great XOXO coach. He’s a great recruiter. That fact is demonstrated by his overall lack of success the past 5-6 years in winning back to back to back to back NCAA titles. He seems to somehow get beat when up against a well coached team.

        This year is different. He has recruited an incredible stable of NBA ready kids that you and I could coach to a sweet sixteen at least. It’s really a matter of Calipari just not messing it up.

    • One game does not define a season. Ky was sharp and we appeared a bit slow to react. Give KY credit they are a great team, undefeated. If we had made less of the foolish turnovers in the first half, it would have helped our entire play. Yes, yesterday KY was the big CAT but our season has been very good. Nothing was exposed it just was not our day. Please compare this year to any year of the past 15 not on a game to game basis. Go Hawgs!

      • OwassoHog says:

        I did… unfortunately, slightly improved in some ways… not so much in others. Record is definitely better but the overall feeling about this team is still not where we’ve been.

        4 years later and this might be the turning point… maybe. I don’t believe we will know that for 1-2 more years if we turned the corner. Personally, I want to see more of a track record before I can make that call.

    • Anderson’s Hogs still have a 3-2 record over Calipari’s Wildcats.

      • OwassoHog says:

        But with 2 more points, it could have easily been 1-4… just a thought.

        • If the Hogs had shot to their season average in the first half the other day it could have easily been a different game too…just a thought. Anderson can provide positive leadership and rebuild this program which I believe that he is doing, but he can’t take the shots for them.

          • OwassoHog says:

            Could be but at the end of the day, positive leadership only takes a coach so far and the shots will eventually be the deciding factor.

  2. Hogwild28 says:

    Dude…you honestly just chaulked that up to bad coaching? Dead on arrival? You are disillusioned. Sad.

    • OwassoHog says:

      DOA was specific to THIS game… we NEVER had it going. We weren’t prepared or just didn’t have it… you pick the words. Review the initial bucket by Kentucky…

      Having said that… I expected something similar to what we saw AT Kentucky… I also believe we have a much better chance the second time around… at this point, on a neutral court, I’d say we’d have a decent chance.

  3. HungryHog says:

    They had this game circled. “This is going to be our toughest opponent until the NCAA – let’s go show the world what we are made of.”

    In their house.. They got hot early, they got a lot of home calls (we all do). The crowd was into it. Oh, and they are HUGE and GOOD. 9 All Americans.. If they come out with that fire, they will beat anyone.

    We couldn’t throw it in the ocean during the first half. (Well, except when Alandis was trying to pass – then it went closer to the ocean than his target) We played shocked. If we could hit any shots at first, it would have stayed in control.

    That game isn’t the same in Bud Walton. Neutral floor in Nashville is going to be very tough, but we have a better chance.

    I think it was good to get our bells rung right before finishing the season. Our guys are mentally tough. I believe they can make a run. This team is going to prove us right – Hogball is back.. Just watch.

  4. Roadhog says:

    Another good twenty minutes of basketball by the Razorbacks! Go Hogs!!

  5. hogNTexas says:

    Although it would have been nice to come away with a win,its not the end of the road for the hogs just yet.hopefully we learned from this game.its like the old saying..no matter how good you are,theres always someone out there thats better.ky was ready for us and it wasnt our day.
    We were outmatched from the beginning,our shots wer’nt falling,too many missed easy buckets,way too many senseless turnovers,missed freethrows,ect ect..I wont blame the refs on this loss but it definitely seemed that some obvious fouls by ky were ignored.
    Opposite from the a&m game,we played a much better 2nd half than the 1st.things may have been different at bwa.if we meet them again in the sec tourney I think we will play much better.we will finish out the season strong and make the ncaa dance likewise.this game should be a wakeup call as to what we will face in games to come.
    We will rise up continue to play well just like we have been doing.
    Theres no doubt that ky is a great team and Im pretty sure that we already knew that,you dont get to be 29-0 because you’re lucky.but even with that being said,they’re not unbeatable,theres lots of other great teams and who knows what could happen.
    The hogs are up and coming and we just have to take one game at a time…on to the next one and…GHG…WPS!!!

  6. GolfHog says:

    I thought we were just tight; turnovers and bricks. We might do better next time, or, these guys may be just that good.
    An undefeated National Title is a rare feat. Has it ever been done?

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  8. GonzoHog says:

    Kentucky’s talent and overall depth was the difference. They had this game circled and played focused and inspired at home. Still yet, this game would’ve been very different in Fayetteville. Not necessarily a win, but very close in my opinion. This team still has some very important regular season games to play. Let stay focused and not get too carried away with losing to the #1 team in the country at their house.
    GO HOGS GO, BABY!!!!!