February 16, 2019

Arkansas 56, Wofford 53 (NCAA Tournament)

(AP Photo/John Raoux)

ESPN.com: Arkansas hangs on to beat Wofford 56-53, avoids 5-seed woes

Michael Qualls scored 20 points, Southeastern Conference player of the year Bobby Portis added 15 points and 13 rebounds, and the fifth-seeded Razorbacks held off No. 12 seed Wofford 56-53 in the NCAA Tournament on Thursday night.



  1. Seems as tho M. Qualls has decided he has to be the playmaker at guard, as he did in the SEC tournament. Madden stepped up near the end of this game and made some clutch plays to seal the win. I was not confident the Hogs would win this game, and, of course, I’m even less confident of beating NC. It seems the Hogs are tired and are just going thru the motions. Lack of bench development and production, I think, are the main causes of this problem. Good luck against the Tarheels. Go Hogs!

    • I don’t agree that we’re tired and going through the motions. I think Wofford was a bad match-up for us made worse by Portis continuing to be in a slump. I’m hoping his small resurgence at the end of the game portends good things for UNC. I think if we had switched opponents with UNC we both would have handled them easily. The match-up with the Tar Heels should be interesting, and I believe we have a decent chance at the win.

      • soupdhog says:

        uvahog is right on. And if Portis made all of his layups we would have won by 15 or more. I also thought we played really tight until the last 10 minutes of the game. There were a number of no calls where we were getting hammered underneath, tackled after a jump shot (Qualls), etc.

        The huge positive for this game is that we won a tight, competitive game on one of the biggest stages. We didn’t get rattled at the end and came through when we needed to. That shouldn’t be overlooked. I think we can play with anyone right now on a neutral court…except UK 🙂

    • Stretches of poor shooting and poor shot selection are the biggest problem this team can’t seem to overcome. I didn’t see anyone on the court last night that looked tired…unfortunately that included the other team.

  2. hogNTexas says:

    We were playing with the intensity we needed to win this game but we’re still having those cold shooting spells we’ve seen all year.BP finally started to score some points toward the end but it was Qualls that bailed us out this time.
    I hope Portis can snap out of his slump for the NC game,we will need him to be ready for this one. Im finally starting to see Qualls drive to the hoop more now but we need more players to do the same. Its getting to the point where we dont know which Razorback team will show up for the games..NC wont be an easy pushover with their size and aggressive style of play. If the hogs play like they are capable of then we have a great chance to get the win but if BP is still in his slump and we have those long cold shooting spells again..(brick after brick,no 3’s,no one driving the ball in)..then we’re in trouble! We need Portis,Qualls,Beard and Bell to show up and be ready to give 100% for this one! Kingsley and Harris need to have a good game also. its time for our players to step up and play with heart.
    Its all about which hog team shows up to play…GHG!! WPS!!