October 17, 2018

Arkansas 80, Tennessee 72 (SEC Tournament)

(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

ESPN.com: No. 22 Arkansas escapes Tennessee 80-72 in SEC Tournament

Rashad Madden made four late free throws that helped No. 22 Arkansas overcome blowing a big lead in an 80-72 victory over Tennessee on Friday night in the Southeastern Conference Tournament.



  1. OwassoHog says:

    Great start… disappointing finish… typical game by the Razorbacks! We are going to have to step it up the next 2 games.

  2. hogNTexas says:

    I hate seeing these 20 point leads blown in so many games this year,but like they say,a win is a win! We’re starting out great but we still have to learn to play for 40 minutes.
    On to ga! GHG!!

  3. hogNTexas says:

    Watching the GA game,terrible showing at this point by the hogs..(by both teams)..portis 0 for 7,only 25 total points at the half..brick after brick being launched..not playing with any intensely or passion at all! I have no idea whats happening but this doesnt look like the same team we saw yesterday. I hope we turn it on soon,with this type of play,we will absolutely have no chance against KY,.(if we can somehow beat Ga.) Sometimes the consistency of this team befuzzles me! We had Tenn by 20 points friday and then relaxed and only won by 4.
    Arkansas has to learn to play with the same intensity level each and every game and play the whole game instead of half a game..it wont work against the big boys like Ky.
    We’re playing better against Ga now but it still doesnt look like the hawgball we’ve seen in most games this year..need to step it up guys and play EVERY game like its your last!

    • hogNTexas says:

      Well we pulled it off against Ga and had a better 2nd half.any win is a good win but we better be ready to play against Ky or we will get ourselves embarrassed.
      Dont know why portis was in such a slump today but I think he’ll be ready to go for the next game.sometimes it seems that the hogs arent playing to their full potential and today was a prime example.When the shots arent falling,we need someone to step up and go to the basket or we will continue to see these long dry spells which could be a real problem against teams like Ky.
      We definitely deserve to be in the dance and hopefully will win some games and show everyone how much improvement we’ve accomplished from last year.we’ve got some good players coming next year so hopefully we can keep the team together for future success.
      As of now…its time to bring our AAA game and show Ky what we’re made of!