September 20, 2018

Game Predictions — Auburn

Bielema and Malzahn (Photo By Mike Zarrilli Getty Images)Congratulations to one of our favorites Hog_In_Iowa, for the closest prediction last week of 35-31. His quote was short and to the point:

“If our o-line and d-line show up to play… UA 35 -31.” — Hog_In_Iowa 10/14/2016

The Razorback line play was certainly good last week.  The O-line was able to control the line of scrimmage for the most part and limit busts on their way to 200 yards rushing.  Robb Smith’s defensive line managed to sack Chad Kelly twice and get good pressure on him.  Holding the Ole Miss offense to 129 total yards in the second half made all the difference, and could give this group a big boost of confidence the rest of the way.

Anyway, HII we hope you enjoy your new RBN Beverage Tumbler and get to toast to another victory this Saturday.  That is if there is anything still left in the tank.

For those of you who may be new to our weekly prognostications antics, see our contest rules here.

Here we go:

Auburn TigersWalking on Sunshine: This is a tough one.  I had this one down as a loss in our preseason predictions as this is an obvious letdown spot for the Hogs after emotional, physical games against Alabama and Ole Miss.  Auburn is fresh off a bye and has won three straight after a rocky start.  The Razorback defense seemed to find some traction in the second half last week, which should give all Hog fans some hope.  The Tigers have been held to less than 20 points in all three of their games against quality opponents (Clemson 13, Texas A&M 16, LSU 18), and Sean White is not a threat to run much (52 RuYds in 2016).  Hogs get to the finish line (bye week) running on fumes.  Arkansas 24, Auburn 23.

HogBaller: A rested Tiger team looks ready to make some noise in the SEC, and the Hogs look to build momentum from the Ole Miss win.  My heart says ‘Woo Pig’, but my gut says ‘War Eagle’.  Auburn 24, Arkansas 21.

SlobberHog23: The running game won’t come easy for the Hogs, but ‘Snow’ White and the Malzahn offense can’t make it to the endzone.  Hogs ride their D to a fun win.  Arkansas 24, Auburn 12.

TipsterHog: Third straight game against a ranked opponent…and beating a SEC West team on the road…is a lot to ask.  The Hogs needed the bye week sooner to rest and recover.  Auburn 20, Arkansas 17.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick. And make sure and add your own take like “The Gus Bus will be up on blocks after this one.  Hogs roll !!!

Gus Bus


  • oldskooljt

    First of all – props to whoever came up with the Gus Bus image – great work!

    Second, I am going to bring up the point spread again this week – we are 10! pt dogs to Auburn?! C’mon – I know road conference games have not been a strength of ours but Vegas is showing little respect. Out of spite, I say the Hogs find a way on the road – our offense outplays theirs

    Hogs 27
    UA 24

    • Joshua Rugger

      Nah…we were 3-1 on the road last year just btw…so…

  • Brian Baer

    Auburn collapses at home.
    Hogs 31
    Tigers 10

    • Joshua Rugger

      Love it…People are forgetting that bye weeks can actually kill momentum. Which is why the Florida game kinda worries me…

      • Brian Baer

        True. I do not like Auburn, only second to my dislike for Tenn. It’s going to start as a close game but our Hogs will pull away.

  • Roadhog

    I predict more scoring than the crack staff @Razorbloggers, especially on the part of Auburn. But I think the Hogs pull it out at the end and win. . .

    Hogs 38
    Tigles 35

    • Joshua Rugger

      Auburn doesn’t have the offense to score that many points…

      Arkansas has so much confidence right now that the defense is going to be filthy IMO.

  • NewYorkHogFan

    Auburn has a good defense, especially the secondary. But if we can score 30 on Alabama, then we should be able to move the ball on Auburn. Arkansas 41 Auburn 28.

    • Joshua Rugger

      Their secondary is very prone to lapses. If we can move it against Alabama like you said, we should be able to move it against Auburn. I don’t think their defense is as good as people think. You look at the teams they have played, and the best offense they played is Clemson? The same Clemson who only scored 17 against NCSt. and had to fight to beat Troy as well? Hardly a “elite” offense they played.

      I just think this game is one that we really get up for, and I see the confident Hogs beating the rusty Auburn Tigers

  • Joe

    Rawleigh and Devwah outrun the Gus Bus, but when the Gus Bus realizes that it is no contest, it breaks down. Hogs 34 Aw Burn 15

    • Joshua Rugger

      Love it. I don’t think we blow them out of the house per say, but this game is one that I feel is going to be one where we feel disrespected, confident, and come out fired up and ready to put on a show. I don’t know why I feel that way, but I do 🙂

  • Joshua Rugger

    I don’t buy into this Auburn hype. They lose to good teams. Arkansas is a good team. Auburn fans keep backing that 18-13 LSU win…but consider that LSU was still coached by Les Miles. The A&M loss they got lucky they didn’t get beat by 28+ because ATM kicked 5 FIELD GOALS. Auburn also talks about how they can score. Well against good teams like Clemson (who hardly has a good defense IMO) they scored 13, scored a measly 16 against ATM (we scored 24 and could have had much more) and 18 against LSwho (and they only had field goals).

    Look, I will eat my crow if we lose. But I just don’t think Auburn is a good team. People are also overlooking that AA played @TCU and looked mighty fine, and Auburn has a REALLY fair weather fan fanbase, so if we get on them early, there will be little to no crowd noise. I think we jump out to a quick 14-0 lead to get that crowd out of it. Auburn gets 2 field goals to make it 14-6 at the Half. Then in the 2nd half, Arkansas has a 89 yard pick six return to make it 21-6 and since Auburn doesn’t have the offense to really catch up, we ride that to a 27-16 victory over the Tigers.



    a gus team known for their defense and not offense??? seems and sounds odd. close game where field position will be extremely important and we have just the man for that job in toby baker!
    Hogs 23
    tigers 20

  • GolfHog

    It’s strength on strength and visa versa. Does their weak offense have a better chance against our D or does their D control our run game? I’m afraid the answer to both questions is yes. But, I can’t shake the thought that Austin Allen is a special QB, the most important position on the field.
    Gus gives us all we want and home field makes the difference.
    HUNH 35 Huh 34 OT

  • NielsBoar

    I predicted we would get steam-rolled last week, and I’ve never been so happy to have predicted so poorly. So in that spirit…

    52-10 Plain men. It’s going to be ugly, folks!

    All jinx aside, I love the moxie the Hogs displayed last week. It very well may have been the defining point in the season. I’m looking for the OL to continue its improvement and give Williams/Whaley even more opportunities to show what they can do. We have a better secondary than I can remember seeing in a long time, and we showed last week we could pressure and rattle a really good QB. Can they build on last week? I think they can.

    • chester

      I hate to say it but my gosh

  • hog_in_iowa

    Thanks for the beverage tumbler, guys! I got it Wednesday and it’s neat, keen, as well as groovy. I’m going to put it next to my Heisman Trophy if I can remember where I put the darn thing. It’s getting late in the season and we know from recent history how the Hogs perform at this time of year. The trend continues this week. Will this be the first meaningful game this year that the opposition does not have a dual-threat QB? Hopefully we won’t see the Chinese fire drill on defense we witnessed last weekend trying to line up before the ball was snapped. I’ve had a good feeling about this game all year, so I’ll say Hogs 28 -24.

  • T-towner

    The Gus Bus has serious mojo issues on offense. They have not shown any consistency. The Alabama and Ole Miss defenses prepped us well for this one.

    Arkansas 27
    Auburn 24

  • Hogs 34
    Tigers 24

  • Carolina Hog

    Weird game. Looking at spreads and listening to pundits it seems we hardly have a chance, yet looking at the two teams I’m not sure this should be that hard of a game. I don’t think we are phased by road games anymore with wins at LSU and TCU in the last 12 months. Their D is for real but we put up 30 on Bama and I’m not a believer in their offense. While one can argue the quality of Auburn losses I don’t see the quality wins. I’ll say Hogs 27-13. If we could get to the bye with a 6-2 record, I think things line up nicely down the stretch.

  • HogsGuy

    SCORE PREDCICTS : Now the Hogs will do a game on a road verse the dum Auburn’s Tiger andor Auburn’s Eagle. It is all dum to not choose.

    Big coach #BrettBillma say “we do a choose and we are name the Hogs! We do football though and not corn eats and sty stays.

    Hogs throw man #AusTAlan will do a good game at a enemy stadium and then throw three footballl fields and 2 touchdownits.

    And then #RollyWilly3 say “look at me and I will keep on running it everywhere isn the inzones for so many yards!

    Do a one coin flip to say what Hogs catch man will do it all #KeyOnHatch or #JayrodCornears or #JerryTinkles.

    Hogs defense man #BrookSells say “hey all defense mans lets do fast runs because Auburns’ only does fast plays ok

    The Auburn’s defense is good but not best all! So say a good luck to them to stop the Hogs every tim ever. SCORE PREDCICTS FINAL: The Hogs do a road win it with 35 points verse Auburn and 24 points!

  • TNarch

    The big hogs are remembering the end of last season and show up to play Hawg Ball! One quick strike by the Tigers is the only thing easy about this game as the eagle spends most of the game grounded.
    Hogs 38 Tiger/War Eagle/Whatever 17

  • RM

    I think that the predictors are giving the Auburn D a bit too much credit against a solid Hog offense. Predicting that we’ll score less than 14 points is ludicrous. We put 30 on ‘Bama. Even A&M couldn’t hold us that low. My prediction is that the score will be much more Ole Miss like. We should win. But, it will come down to three things, our defense showing up, our special teams not hurting us and turnovers. More than one turnover and we are likely to lose.

    On O we need to get ahead and stay of ahead of the sticks. 1st down production will continue to be critical.

    Of course, all of the above will be obviated if we continue to leave the middle of the field “WIDE OPEN” on defense. Seriously, can’t Robb Smith figure out that you have to leave someone at home?

    Hogs 35, Auburn 24

  • Vince

    Hogs 21. Auburn 10. Yup the pundits are right, this is a 10 point game!!! Haha

  • Ken Black

    OK last week I was worried about the Hogs jelling and we’d lose. I was hoping to be wrong and was which made me happy. Since that worked, I will try it again as I love to keep winning by predicting us losing. I love the victory over old Spit last week and not for this week…. Hogs line still has a few wrinkles to work out, but showing improvement since Old Spit game, but they don’t get the needed rattle from the home crowd this week. Gus Bus 30, Improving Bruised Hog 24. (I am so hoping this is the opposite) but I’m working on superstition and what worked last week for the Hog VICTORY. I SO LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON AS A RAZORBACK FAN!!!!!!

    • Ken Black

      Well I did love the season, this loss just made me sick. I quit watching and recording it at the start of the 4th quarter. They looked unprepared, the OL looked like they got confused during the week and the defense played mostly like they had been out partying. Did you notice the difference in speed between their defense and ours, incredible difference. Just sick now, things have got to be better. I only can think they were were beat savagely physically with the last games of TA&M, Ala, and Old Piss. Nothing else can explain this complete lack of cohesion during a game right now. I’m sure they’re sick of it too, but as a fan, it makes it hard.

  • Bean Counter

    I just have a feeling…Hogs 35, Tiger 10

  • Michael Stansbury

    This one is a bus wreck for the Tigers…Hogs 45 Auburn 14

  • Jay DubYa

    Arkansas 38
    Auburn 35
    OT thriller

  • EarlyHog

    Hog defense ain’t the greatest, but Auburn is not as good offensively as most of the teams we’ve played this year. If the Hogs offense shows up and plays to form, we’ll get 30 and win this thing, get on the bus, and head out of town to eat a decent meal in a place somewhere not called Auburn.
    Hogs: 30
    Why the fuss about Gus: 24

  • Jonesboro Hog

    Arkansas takes the air out of the tires on the Gus bus forcing Auburn to run the ball. We lay the Steel cuirtain down for a 28-26 win.

  • OwassoHog

    No TP for Auburn this week. Hogswin 35-31

  • I Like Pigs

    Hogs win an overtime thriller 41-38. I win a beverage tumbler.

  • drmgatsby

    Time for the monotone mumbling fat boy to go!