January 18, 2019

Game Predictions — Ole Miss

Bret Bielema vs. Alabama (Photo by Jason Ivester WholeHogSports.com)Congratulations to two-time winner Roadhog, for the closest prediction last week of 42-24. His quote hit ‘too close to home’ for us:

“Hogs overachieve for a half and are tide in the third quarter when the bumma dee turns the tied with a turnover and rolls the rest of the way with a 42-24 win over the homely Hogs. When Austin Allen regains consciousness he switches to baseball.”  — Roadhog 10/06/2016.

The Alabama defense didn’t just stop with one defensive touchdown, they added another in a dominate show of strength.  With the turnovers, a porous offensive line and, as Tommy Tubberville once famously said, “a defense that couldn’t stop a cold,” the Hogs never had a fighting chance.  Bama is going to make everyone look like that though…it’s hard for fans to think if it that way…especially drunk professors from the agri department.

Anyway, Roadhog we hope you enjoy your new RBN Beverage Tumbler and let’s hope we don’t see Austin Allen back out on the baseball diamond any time soon.

For those of you who may be new to our weekly prediction exercise, see our contest rules here.

Here we go:

Ole Miss RebelsWalking on Sunshine: The biggest myth in the SEC is that Ole Miss has a good defense.  After five games, the Rebels rank 102nd nationally in total defense (449.4 YPG), posting only 9 sacks so far.  As bad as the Hogs have been on defense, they still rank 63rd (398.2 YPG).  Having the bye last week is a big advantage, but this one looks more like TCU and less like A&M.  Arkansas 45, Ole Miss 39.

SlobberHog23:  Big Daddy Freeze and Chad “Swag” Kelly bring the fresh legs of Ole Miss to town hot n’ ready for revenge. “Swag” shows off his ability to run the ball and eclipses the 100 yard mark while easily throwing for 300 at the same time. The last L of the season for the Hogs tastes like black bear and corn nuts. Bo goes into hiding before Monday’s show.  Flim Flam, Bim Bam, Ole Miss, By Damn! Ole Miss 52, Arkansas 34.

HogBaller: The Ole Miss Rebels come into Fayetteville well rested and ready to get back into the win column.  The Razorbacks should have an easier time running the ball against the Rebels, but will need to play much better on defense if they hope to slow down Chad Kelly and the Ole Miss offense.  I think the Rebels benefit from the bye week.  Ole Miss 41, Arkansas 31.

TipsterHog: Ole Miss will get to Austin Allen way too often, but not as much as A&M or Bama.  Hogs have just enough offense to win a shootout.  Arkansas 42, Ole Miss 41.

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  1. Freeze will see the Hunter Heave on his death bed, maybe the only real chance he will ever have for an SEC Title/NCP. He’s heard about this game all summer at least. Revenge can be a fickle mascot. Sometimes you press too hard.
    But, Bert usually doesn’t panic until after the third loss. We start plugging holes next week.
    This week, Ole Miss’d 44, Nutt-a-like 41

  2. hognaustin says:

    If there is not an overhaul of the OL, kiss any chance of winning this game. Froholdt is lost, spinning in circles and whiffing on his blocks. Wallace is just too slow and can’t protect the right edge. Even though Ole Miss’ defense is ranked 102 nationally, if our OL stays the same, OM D’s will look top 10. On top of all that our defense allows a QB to run free and Chad Kelly has proven he likes to run free out onto fields. He’ll get his yards both passing and running. In our losses our D is giving up 40+ points and the margin of our loss is 19+. As much as I hate to say it Ole Miss will get their revenge in a big way: OM 49 Hogs 28. And CBB’s seat starts getting warm.

  3. Brian Baer says:

    Razorbacks put it all together and show a complete game.
    Hogs 45
    Rebels 13

  4. oldskooljt says:

    I find it an insult that a 3-2 ole miss team is favored by 7.5 over us in Fayetteville. I hope that motivates Bert and the boys to lay the wood on Saturday

    Hogs 38
    Bears 35

  5. Arkansas 48 running game gets back on track,special teams posts a TD
    mississippi 40 Kelly is Kelly, but we limit them in their redzone opportunities

  6. I got Ole Miss big in this one: 52-28. I think we have at least a 50-50 shot at our remaining games after Saturday, but I just don’t see it this week.

  7. Robb Smith…ughhh. C’mon. AA keeps on kickin’. Another close one at the end.

    Ole Miss – 42
    Arkansas – 38

  8. NewYorkHogFan says:

    This one will go to overtime and Arkansas knows how to win those. Arkansas 54 Ole Miss 51.

  9. Thanks for the matched set of Christmas Ornament Red tumblers. I’m gonna win so much I get tired of winning, or something. My red crystal ball doesn’t reveal as much scoring as last week. The Rubble Dee is for real, and so is Chad Kelley, and. . .and. . ..

    Rubbles 38
    Hogs 31

  10. Way, way, way too many…..Old Mrs. 44
    Not nearly enough…………. Hogs 17

  11. Hogwild Joshua says:

    Because Chad Kelly is hated by the football gods, and gets away with everything, I am calling that #CHEATINBLACKBEAR KARMA! Sprinkle throws a lateral back on 4th and 26 and RWIII takes it into the endzone in OT. We then go for two and convert, but a holding call brings us back. AA gets the snap and appears to be sacked, but at the last second throws a shovel pass to Drew Morgan who leaps over a cheating bear and takes it in for a 50-49 Razorback VICTORY!

    WPS! Time to get back on track against a TERRIBLE Ole MIss defense who is worse than ours…Like 2 times worse based on STATS…

  12. Unfortunately, what we are seeing at season’s midpoint is that if your defense was weak last year and you return a bunch of those starters this year, it doesn’t mean they’ve gotten any better. This has the makings of a close game, but Hogs come up short as they tinker with that D, again . . .
    Hogs: 33
    Team in mascot ‘no man’s land’ (Black Bears? COL Rebs? Landsharks?): 42

  13. SCORE PREDCICTS: The Hogs did do 2 loses its in 3 total weeks and they will do a game verse the dum #OldMiss team this weekend time.

    Big Coach #BrettBillma say “did you hear a joke about #OldMiss and they do pay players money to go to play there.

    – #AusTAlan say ”I keep saying the ouch word and have bruises but this week I will not and time to do scoreS!

    Run mans #RollyWilly3 almost did a go to #OldMiss but did go to the Hogs and he will do a lot of yards and points.

    Hogs catch man #JayrodCornears say “hey do ball throws to me and I will run fast and jump out of enemy ways!

    Hogs defense man #DregInlaw does have a broke foot so the rest of the Hogs defense mans will have to do good plays.

    The #OldMiss big coach does hate the replays of a game last year so he say “we do not like you or Hogs so we quit”

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/08a53abe10d92c490698f3cafa11502cf79d6659e3c786ae56aa1c0663537b0f.jpg SCORE PREDCICTS FINAL: The Hogs will get 38 points and the #OldMiss will get 35 which means the Hogs do win!

  14. While it seems improbably that the Hogs will shut out Ole Miss like they did two years ago, I do not think the defense will be a porous as it was last year in Oxford.

    Hogs 44
    Rebs 31

  15. I don’t believe in shutouts anymore.
    I don’t believe Ole Miss can win, though.
    I don’t believe the Hogs will lose.
    I don’t believe I just picked the Hogs to win 31 – 24

  16. hog_in_iowa says:

    If our o-line and d-line show up to play… UA 35 -31

  17. I hope I’m wrong, just get the feeling the Offensive Line is out there somewhere while their clones are here playing. The aliens don’t want to release them yet as they’re still studying what an Offensive Line is supposed to be. We are too. The ‘D’ fense is still at Home depot trying to see if somebody will check them out. It’s not happening yet, the jello is just starting to get to ‘jel’. They are good and we are still trying to get too many new faces to know what to do, who to do what when needed. We are fair this year, good is at least a year out and I’m worried about the personnel we lose to graduation this year who are good but don’t have a supporting cast around them yet at the same skill levels. I wish some new alignments and schemes would be used to cover our growth curve. I hate picking other teams but in trying for a 2nd Tumbler…. Old Spit 48, Hogs hurting 31

  18. Jay DubYa says:

    Ark 38
    Ole Miss 31

  19. lack of defense could make this a high scoring event. Kelley vs Austin and Austin puts on a show like his brother did a few times last year. Hogs 52 Bears 43

  20. Well, hopefully Kelly doesn’t find his stride against us and look like a Heisman contender. We showed we can score against a top-level defense whether they sell out for the run or the pass, so my concern isn’t scoring. It’s defensive depth plus Ole Miss’s bye week.
    Arkansas 38 Ole Miss 34

  21. Bean Counter says:

    Hogs need to score a bunch of points and play keep away. Hogs 42-38

  22. OwassoHog says:

    Really disappointed that we made so many mistakes last week. I believe we will play cleaner but will it be enough? I’m going to hope so… going with my Hogs 35-21.

  23. Hog Wild Jay says:

    By Skipper’s hand, the Hogs win 42-41 on a blocked extra point!