January 18, 2019

Game Predictions — Florida — 2016 Election Edition

Bret Bielema, Sebastian Tretola (Photo by Wesley Hitt Getty Images)Congratulations to one of the best…NielsBoar, for the closest prediction last week of 52-10. His prediction and quote made us double check to make sure he didn’t post this after the game was over…

I predicted we would get steam-rolled last week, and I’ve never been so happy to have predicted so poorly. So in that spirit…52-10 Plain men. It’s going to be ugly, folks! — NielsBoar 10/20/2016

We’re quite sure it would have been perfectly fine with Niels had the Hogs not rolled over like that.  A lot of folks have been trying to wrap their mind around that performance and what that might mean for the program and Bret Bielema long term.

We tend to think that the showing was more about a team that was completely spent (out of gas), and a bad matchup…and not a systemic problem with the program.  That said, the continual, game-after-game issues with setting the edge on defense and the inability of DC Robb Smith to fix this is troubling.  We’ll see if that persists this week.

Regardless, NielsBoar we hope you enjoy your new RBN Tailgate Tumbler.  We always appreciate your commentary on the blog.

Florida GatorsFor those of you who may be new to our weekly predictions antics, see our contest rules here.

So in the spirit of the Election Season…Here we go:

Walking on Sunshine: This is another ‘nasty’ matchup for the Hogs as the Gator defense ‘is Yuuuge’.  Any way you want to slice it…Rushing Defense – 10th nationally,  Passing Defense – 2nd nationally, and Total Defense – 2nd nationally (239.9 YPG).  They have two corners that are likely first round NFL draft picks.  The thing that separates Florida though from the three teams that have beaten the Hogs is their offense is not great.  Auburn (3), Alabama (11) and Texas A&M (13) all rank in the top 13 nationally in rushing.  Florida ranks 67th (170.1).  Got a feeling that the Hogs bounce back off the bye.  Arkansas Biggly 22, It’s Pronounced ‘Jina’ 20.

HogBaller: Saturday features a battle between the establishment from the SEC East, and the outsiders from the SEC West.  Florida is favored by all ‘rigged media’ outlets, but the Razorbacks have cut into that margin this week with the latest WikiLeaks revelations involving former Florida coach Urban Meyer and player Tim Tebow.  More on that later.  The Hogs promise to bring real change to the SEC, and say they will ‘Drain the Swamp’ when they beat the Gators on Saturday.  Make Arkansas Great Again 27, Crooked McElwain 17.

Alec Baldwin as Donald TrumpSlobberHog23: We need to ‘Make Arkansas Football Great Again’.  These guys on this team…wow…great people.  Jim McElwain?  Such a nasty guy and the media loves him.  They are 6-1.  They had to move their game with LSU.  You don’t think the conference is rigged?  Trust me.  Rigged.  But let me tell you, these Arkansas Razorbacks, they love me.  And they love my picks.  We will build a wall, and Florida will pay for it.  But we must take care of our quarterbacks.  I love the quarterbacks, and they love me.  Austin Allen…a tremendous quarterback…endorsed me last week, and he is a great guy.  So yes, Arkansas wins.  Arkansas 21, Florida 13.

TipsterHog: The FBI investigation was reopened during the bye week.  However, at this point, no evidence has been found that the Razorback Defense can stop the run.  Florida 24, Arkansas 20.  

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick. And make sure and add your own take like: ‘Even Little Marco knows…I have big hands, and the Gators are a disaster.  Hogs in a landslide!!!’

Donald Trump 2


  1. These are great! The last Hog game was a disaster, quite possibly the worst deal in college football history. Now, Hog fans want to jump ship on coach B and put us on another four years of the same ole same ole. I’m telling you we don’t need another four years of rebuilding again. Coach B is the head of a great, I’m telling you, a great company that is the Hogs. He’s doing it the right way and we should all be proud. He should win an Emmy at seasons end when he tells Rob Smith, YOU’RE FIRED! Other than that, everything else is just locker room talk. Now, we must win Florida to continue the course of steadily improving the program. Woo Pig!

    29 Electorial Votes -17
    Bielima/Allen -24

  2. Every time I’ve said, “This game will tell us who we really are,” we’ve laid an egg, didn’t have anything left in the fourth quarter. Add to that, our defense makes everyone look like they have an offense. This will be a November to remember.
    Good Dude 24, Marketing Major 17 3OT

  3. I’m not ready for basketball, baseball is over, hockey is my sport of the season, now. I told my son in law and daughter, both Colorado State graduates, they would love McIlwain and then hate him, and they did both. Loved him during his stay at CSU and hated him when he left for Florida. My son and I both graduated from Arkansas and have serious heartburn with the Hogs at this time. Florida 31 Hogs 14.

  4. Florida makes HRC nervous, but probably not for the same reasons that Hog football fans are nervous. Wonder if the former Arkansas immigrant and pseudo Hog fan has even thought about the game this week. Unlikely that Arkansas’ six electoral votes will inspire her to fly to Fayetteville and watch the game in person, but surely she can fire up her laptop, get on the web and watch the Hogs-Gators while working the emails with her staffers? Ok, scratch that . . . .
    Red-Hogs: 33
    Swing-Gators: 27

  5. Hogwild Joshua says:

    The latest polls show Arkansas scoring the 17 points required to beat one of the worst offense’s in the SEC…I see a pick six by Ellis and 10 offensive points to beat the field goal minded Gators 17-15

  6. oldskooljt says:

    Which Hogs team will show up this week? I will hope for the Good Hogs but predict for reality – this game will be evenly matched for the most part but the Gators will exploit our big play weakness and it will cost us late

    Hogs 20
    Gators 24

  7. hognaustin says:

    Our Defense still sucks and offensive line pretends to get in the way of Florida’s defensive rush. Either or both the OL coach or the D coach are asked to leave. Gators chomp, romp and stomp! Gators 38 Hogs 17.

  8. Gators have won so much they’re tired of winning. Believe me, folks, believe me!

    Tuskers 24
    Swamp Lizards 21

  9. Don’t ask me to give reasons why, but something tells me this will be the opposite of what most people are thinking. I say an explosive offensive game from both sides, as crazy as that seems!

    HOGS 35
    Gators 30

  10. Starting with the Cubs last night, I’m just feeling like there is going to be a lot of winning over the next few days. Thank goodness for a week off.
    Hogs 24, Gators 17

  11. Carolina Hog says:

    I don’t have a clue. Never been this mystified by a Hog team this far in. Hogs 21 Florida 17
    Question of the day: Our defense wasn’t great last year but did pretty well against the run. After returning almost everyone, how is our Defense this much worse this year? Somebody? Anybody? Buehler?

    • hognaustin says:

      Great question regarding our defense. I’m just as mystified. All pre-season, CBB said the defense would be the strong anchor on our team but half way through the season, it is one of our weakest points despite all the returning starters/experience. Maybe we have to admit we don’t have very good talent. A three year starting 3-star LB is still a 3-star talent….. unless he is being coached up. And I haven’t seen that our defense has been coached up over the last couple of years. Coaching can make a 3-star talent (along with effort and will) a 5-star player. Coaching can also make a 5-star talent into a 3-star player. I don’t know if we’ve got the hosses and the bosses (coaches) on defense.

  12. Who cares? Hogs 34 – Gators 24

  13. Arkansas———RED state. Florida——–BLUE state.

    Hogs win 30-17

    Hillary wins 312-226

  14. Reason to Hate: To motivate this team Bert should show them the game we played down in the morass a few years ago when the refs hosed us bigly, so bigly the SEC suspended the whole crew for a couple of weeks. They should have suspended some of them permanently. If you think the refs are seriously compromised, just watch that game. Go Hogs, Eff FL!

  15. NielsBoar says:

    I could walk out in the street and shoot a bunch of gators, and they’d STILL run through our OL like it wasn’t there…

    Hogs 17-14

  16. SCORE PREDCICTS Last week the Hogs did do a game verse no one and so they did sleep ins and snores and hurt heals.

    Big coach #BrettBillma say “now we do a game very the enemy Florida. They think they are good but they are just okay at it.

    Hogs throw man #AusTAlan is a 100 % good person and say “let’s do a lot of throw its for touchdown its! okay?.

    And then #RollyWilly3 will do a lot of rush yards and #DevWadWhale will do some of it to! And get points for it!

    The Florida’s defenses mans say “we do like to not let other teams score the points in the inzones!

    Hogs defense man #BrookSells say “that is a dum thing to say you Florida enemy mans! Get ready for a intercept pass play!

    This is an other real tough game for the Hogs to do a win it but they want to do a win it and will do a win it!

    SCORE PREDCICTS FINAL: The Hogs do win it all with 28 points verse Florida and 21 points! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/daa27056d74af114a14edf5e534d4c6a88eb9899965ee9f54e687d46991ab411.jpg

  17. Florida is in a yo-yo condition and so are we. If we are up and they are down, we do good. If the opposite happens, they do good. I should be a Rocket Surgeon with that logic. Red is the color of our future, not blue, so HRC will be down, I mean Florida see just enough of us to take away their lunch and bribery money. This could end up a fiasco too if they get the ballots in early with all the deceased extra team members backing them. I hope not. I think it will not be real high scoring unless they get on us early and often like Auburn. But I think some changes are ahead and we see them starting here. Ark 24 East Coast Guys 20 and if they get on us early and often, ECG 37 Ark 13

  18. Brian Baer says:

    Hogs D finds success.
    Hogs 31
    Gators 13

  19. Jonesboro Hog says:

    After the dualing of words between Bret and Jim during the recruiting days,(which will soon be settled on the gridiron) I got excited and went ahead and circled this game as another classic SEC battle in the Ozarks. Hogs take and maintain the lead early then get death rolled by the Gators.
    Razorbacks: FG, TD, TD, FG. 20
    Gators: Picksix, Picksix, Kicksix. 21
    …something’s never change

  20. If you can’t play good… at least try to look good. Hogs break out the UGLY uniforms confirms by believe that we are in for a beating! We start slow… and this game might just as well be a repeat of Auburn. Hogs 13-Gators 49!

    BTW – SHAME on Jimmy Dyke and John Long for supporting the women’s basketball team disgrace the program!

    • Chickawaw1 says:

      I agree wholeheartedly about the ignorant women and will NOT watch another one of their games. Dykes and Long fumbled this issue badly.

  21. Houston Hog says:

    Florida is ahead in the polls, but I think that Florida’s offensive weaknesses won’t let them take too much advantage of the Razorback’s deficits on defense. So home field advantage and a gutsy performance by our skill position players pulls out a victory and puts us back on track for an 8-4 regular season.
    Razorbacks – 27
    Gators – 13
    BTW – When is the last time we beat Florida? Have we ever beat them since joining the SEC?

  22. Bean Counter says:

    Excerts from a recent speech “written” by Melania…
    “I don’t have a clue. Never been this mystified by a Hog team this far in.”
    “I’m just feeling like there is going to be a lot of winning over the next few days.”
    “If you can’t play good… at least try to look good”
    “Florida is in a yo-yo condition and so are we.”

    In the spirit of the season, I’ll go with the electoral college score:
    Florida 29
    Arkansas 6

  23. hog_in_iowa says:

    For all of you watching the game at home today, be advised the team playing Florida is not a Mtn. West or Conference USA team, even though the uniforms will appear to be from those conferences. The team playing the Gators will be the Arkansas Razorbacks. You’ll have to look closely, but the Runnin’ Razorback decal should on the helmet, that is unless they’ve decided to change that, too. It kind of reminds me of today’s pop music “stars” who need 20 dancers on stage while they’re performing, hoping it’ll take attention away from how weak and how bad their music really is. With that being said, I’ll guess the FLA team will win 28-17.

  24. The Auburn still has me lost for words. UA 30 UF 24

  25. Hoglodyte says:

    34-13 Hogs.. McELSLAINNN!!!!