February 16, 2019

Game Predictions — LSU

Golden Boot - LSU 2014 (Photo by ArkansasRazorbacks.com)Congratulations to Brian Baer, for the closest prediction last week of 31-14.  His quote was short and spot on…

Hogs D finds success.  Hogs 31, Gators 13.  — Brian Baer 11/5/16

The Hogs D did find a ton of success, and played out of their mind all day against the Gators.  After surrendering an SEC and school record 543 rushing yards to Auburn two weeks ago, the unit held the Gators to just 12 yards rushing on the day.

The changes Bret Bielema and Robb Smith employed…moving Jeremiah Ledbetter outside to end, inserting McTelvin Agim at D-Tackle and using Randy Ramsey as a fifth lineman, helped the Hogs set the edge better.  If you recall, the Hogs have used that five man front the past two seasons to stifle Leonard Fournette and the Tigers.  Can they pull it off again Saturday?

Regardless, Brian we hope you show off your new RBN Tailgate Tumbler to your Bama and Auburn buddies. We always appreciate your commentary on the blog.

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Here we go:

LSU TigersWalking on Sunshine: Ed Orgeron brings his one dimensional Tigers to Fayetteville Saturday.  LSU ranks 110th nationally in passing yards per game (172.4), and if last week is any indication, the Razorbacks will stack the front, and sell out to stop Fournette from running wild.  It works…for the third year in a row.  Arkansas 20, LSU 16.

HogBaller: I’ve got a feeling the Tiger offense gets it going against Arkansas, with Fournette leading the way.  Can the Hogs keep the momentum going and stay perfect in November?  LSU 30, Arkansas 24.

SlobberHog23: Coach O can sell.  I once bought a Hummer because of him.  But I’m not buying these Tigers and their ‘revived’ offense.  This will be a battle, but the Hogs prevail in a low scoring game.  The ‘Pride of David Bazzel‘ remains on the hill.  Arkansas 17, LSU 10.

TipsterHog: Coach O rips his shirt off every time Leonard Fournette scores a touchdown.  He may need to bring an extra suitcase.  LSU 28, Arkansas 17.

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  1. Brian Baer says:

    Razorbacks win the golden boot again for the third time in a row with special teams. One offensive touchdown, one special teams TD and 3 field goals. In a defensive slugfest, Hogs win.
    Hogs 23
    Tigers 10

  2. I just enjoy a lot of winning in November. It won’t be as easy as the gators, but the Tigers from the swamp can’t run far and fast enough.
    Hogs 24 Tigers 17

  3. oldskooljt says:

    Woo-Hoo! We had a Hog D sighting last week – unfortunately LSU had their D out in full force last week as well. So what happens this week? A defensive slug fest but Hogs eek just enough O to make it three years in a row:

    Hogs 17
    LSU 13

  4. yaw yaw…. football!

    Colonel Reb is still crying, now it’s LSU’s turn. Fournette held below 100 yds again and Etling throws a couple of pics. Hogs win 17-0

  5. Looks as tho the Bye U Bingles have picked it up under Orgeron. But this will be Senior Day and Homecoming and who knows what else? The Hogs should be energized and motivated to do their best in front of the home crowd. I think the Hogs win again, threepeat.

    Tuskers 24
    der Bingles 21

    That score failed last week, but I think it still has traction.

  6. hog_in_iowa says:

    I’m going with my same prediction as last week… LSU 28 to 14, because it was good luck. I also predicted the Hillster would win so I’m on a hot streak!

  7. The boot is going to have to start paying rent, because it stays in our house another year!
    Hogs 23
    Lsu 20

  8. Last November the only blemish for the Hogs was MSU. We got Dak’ed, which is happening to the NFL this year. Arkansas steps up for the third year in a row against LSU and makes a major move toward a perfect November.

    Hogs 27
    Tigers 16

  9. When Coach Broyles came to the University of Arkansas in 1958, he didn’t lose a game in November in 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961 or 1962, 5 consecutive years without losing in November. It’s time to continue our current streak of keeping the Boot by beating LSU for the third consecutive year, working on making it at least 5 consecutive years GHG WPS. Hogs 27 – 10

  10. The Seniors come out full of Drew Morgan Juice.
    The Tigers from Red Stick get punched in the mouth early and throw in the towel.
    Hogs 35 Tigers 7 (late TD by Leonard on our backups just so he gets his stats)

  11. After paying $9 Mil on the Les Buyout, LSU spends another $13 mil and buys out Bert’s contract. Austin Allen graduates in the Spring and follows Bielema and Enos to Baton Rouge where they make the NCP in 2017.
    No passing game this year though.
    LSU’s next DC 17, LSU’s next Head Coach 20

  12. This is my gut feeling…

    Hogs are able to control time of possession. LSU gets a bit impatient and we get at least 2 ints. Fournette has a good game but AR wins due to turnovers and solid running night from Whaley.

    Hogs 31 LSU 20

  13. Hogs like winning more than that sour taste it left after Auburn. The new defensive mix and OL adds are making some progress. Fournette still gets 130 yards, but the limitations in their passing game allow the Hogs to take this one(I Hope). LSU looks for a new coach after this, and Arkansas looks ahead to a better bowl and ranking. Hogs 28 LS-who 17

  14. SCORE PREDCICTS: Do a remember when the Hogs did beat Florida’s and will do a #FootBowl game! Now it is time to play verse LSUs.

    Big coach #BrettBillma say “if you do a question ask about a trophy to win it it is name the #GoldieBooty and we do have it!

    – #AusTAlan say “who does want to see me do passes to inzones and then for touchdown its? Do a raise hand to show me.

    FYIit #RollyWilly3 does have more yards and more touchdown its than the LSUs man #LennyForIt. But the ESPNs does not care.

    The Hogs defense man #BrookSells say “we will do and go stack boxes on a field for the LSUs to not run through them.

    And then #OnRayTolive say “ha ha ha ah ah ahah ah ah because the LSUs throw man is not good at throws!

    LSUs not real big coach say “the Hogs do runs and they do passes and we will try to stop all of it but will not!

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eb249ee31b74ba990dc1865a11f48b4e68c81fddbb0bc2920a289d380f10dd91.jpg SCORE PREDCICTS FINAL: The Hogs will do a #7 win it with 31 points verse LSUs and 21 points!

  15. Hogs bring too much balance to the table & pulls away late.

    Hogs 24
    LS Who 13

    Go Hogs!

  16. Houston Hog says:

    Leonard Fournette does some damage, but LSU can’t beat our secondary. Austin Allen and receiving corps do enough damage to pull out a victory.
    Hogs – 24
    Tigers – 22

  17. Chickasaw1 says:

    Arkansas 31 LSU 17. Too balanced an attack from the Razorbacks for LSU to overcome. Three in a row is normally difficult to achieve but achieve the Razorbacks do as they stuff the run and pass as needed.

  18. I Like Pigs says:

    This a game that is hard to get a read on, so it’s a toss up to me. I’m tempted to pick lsu since so few here have to increase my odds of winning the new travel mug prize. But… I’m too much of Hog fan for that. Bielema’s teams just get better in November, so Geaux Hogs!
    Tusk is alive and well 30
    Mike died of cancer 12

  19. Jonesboro Hog says:

    When the Lights come on the Freaks come out!

    Hogs: 14
    Tigers: 13

  20. Three in a row will be hard but Coach B has proven we get stronger as the year goes on. So, this is a difficult call to make…. oh, wait. We will be wearing all red so the Real Hogs will show. Hogs win 35-21!

  21. Bean Counter says:

    LSU stuck between licking their wounds from an emotional loss to Bama and looking towards Florida next week. Hopefully our Florida defense shows up vs our Auburn defense. 30-23 Hogs!

  22. 21-13 Arkansas in one that comes down to the wire.