January 18, 2019

Game Predictions — Mississippi State

Dan Mullen Bret Bielema (Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images)

Congratulations to one of our favorites Hog_In_Iowa, for the closest prediction last week of 28-14. HII was the only one to pick the Tigers, as his reverse psychology didn’t work this time…

I’m going with my same prediction as last week… LSU 28 to 14, because it was good luck. I also predicted the Hillster would win so I’m on a hot streak!  —  Hog_In_Iowa 11/10/16

It is crazy how this ‘yo-yo’ of a season has gone.  For eight straight weeks, the Hogs have not been able to string together consecutive wins. . W-L-W-L-W-L-W-L.  The inconsistencies on defense have stunted any hope for growth.  The lack of mental and physical toughness can been seen at every position. Where do we go from here?

In our little contest amongst the RazorBloggers, HogBaller continues to hold a slight lead with three games remaining.  HogBaller 5, TipsterHog 4, SlobberHog23 2, Sunshine 0.  As always, see our contest rules here.

Mississippi State BulldogsHere we go:

Walking on Sunshine: Historically, the Hogs have struggled down in Starkville, but this feels like a bounce back week.  The Razorbacks have better players, but can this defense stop the dual-threat Nick Fitzgerald?  We don’t think so, but they can’t stop us either.  Hogs get the ball last.  Arkansas 37, Mississippi State 31.   

HogBaller: The Bulldogs struggle to stop a motivated Razorback team that was embarrassed last week.  It’s never easy in Stankville, but the Hog defense shows up in this one and sets the tone early.  “Defense…get me two!!!”  Arkansas 27, Mississippi State 10.

SlobberHog23: By the end of this one, Dan Mullen will be quoted as saying “we could have used some more cowbell.”  Expect a shootout, but by the end of this one, the Hogs will be the one wearing gold plated diapers.  Hogs get a ‘Bruce Dickinson Approved W’.  Arkansas 38, Mississippi State 28.

TipsterHog: Facing the Bulldogs and their cowbells at night is never easy.  But this year…No Dak…No Dice.  Arkansas 35, Mississippi State 24.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick. And make sure and add your own take like: “Rawleigh Williams III is the cock of the walk, baby!!! Hogs big.”

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  1. Brian Baer says:

    Razorbacks will struggle to contain the QB but as Sunshine stated, State cannot stop us. We will win a close one.
    Razorbacks 41
    Miss State 38

  2. Momentum is so big in college football. So is run defense. The hogs have neither.
    The book is out on Arkansas and, Mullen knows how to read.
    We haven’t seen a hog team let go of the rope since John L. but, this one is showing signs. If so, it could get ugly. Mullen 35, Marketing Major 21.

    • Hogwild Joshua says:

      LOL okay and MSU has momentum? BTW they lost 51-3 last week. This team isn’t the John L. Smith coached one.

      Also btw Arkansas is 9-0 following an SEC Loss…so…I mean I know you don’t care about facts but just saying…

      Also MSU lost to South Alabama…nuff said. And the TAMU one is fluky as hell…A&M is beaten up right now…

      Email me after we kick their ass…

      • will do.

      • I have to say this though Joshua, Any coach whose game plan is, “my QB is tough enough to get beaten to smithereens,” does not deserve his job. John L. used that game plan on Tyler Wilson and destroyed his NFL career. And, Bert and Enos deserve some criticism for their handling of Austin Allen. This is not his fault. You don’t run this offense without an Oline.

  3. State is playing for a bowl game.
    Mullins out-coaches Kybella.
    The wheels fall off the wagon.
    State 42, Hogs 31

  4. oldskooljt says:

    Sigh….Who the heck knows? Following the recent pattern, this is a W week

    Hogs 31
    MSU 27

  5. Hogwild Joshua says:

    Arkansas is 9-0 following an SEC Loss since Bret’s first win. Let that sink in for a minute…

    Arkansas is really pissed right now…you can tell they are focused by blocking out media distractions this week…

    I like the Hogs BIG in this one…MSU lost to South Alabama and got Texas A&M while they were injured. Nick is a QB that has padded his stats against UMass and other smaller schools…

    Arkansas 42
    MSU 28

  6. NewYorkHogFan says:

    I think we will be able to contain Fitzgerald because he is their only real threat. Alabama beat them up pretty good. Arkansas 41 Mississippi State 21

  7. Brian Cruikshank says:

    Win, and the losers come out of the woodwork to back the loser Bert. Lose, and the losers make excuses, blaming players. Just a few short years ago this team was ready to make the next step and losing BARELY to top tier teams. Now we are barely beating La Tech and getting WHIPPED by anyone and everybody. Don’t cite your creative math. “Well, if you take away all his losses and just leave the wins, that’s two years worth of wins and that makes Bert better than Saban.” Beating Miss St. should be a given. ARKANSAS is talking about them like they’re a perennial powerhouse. This is disgusting. Throw Bert out and get someone in there who can coach and not place blame anywhere he finds convenient. This is type of UK garbage is a joke to hear coming from Razorback fans. Go cheer on garbage if you’re a glutton for punishment. Start calling it like it is. Bert is crap and this team deserves better.

    P.S. – Oh yeah, Austin SUCKS. He has feet of stone and an arm that looks weaker than a wet noodle.

    • hog_in_iowa says:

      OK, you made your point. Now tell us all, if you had the authority to hire a new coach, who would it be (and be realistic)? We want to hear your specifics, not “someone who can coach, someone who can recruit like Alabama, etc.”. Guys like you have the luxury of taking pot shots at anyone/everyone pointing out what you perceive to be shortcomings without having the burden of actually coming up with any answers. Austin Allen does not SUCK, but I know who does. I’ve got a specific remedy for your problem… instead of us going to “cheer on garbage”, why don’t you become a Bama fan and cheer for them. That way you can feel good about yourself every week (until Saban retires) and everything will be rosy. Sounds like a win-win for us Hog fans.

      • Brian Cruikshank says:

        Since no one has jumped at these candidates, any of them is up for grabs. Money talks and Bert is paid plenty to lose. Saban deserves his cash. Bert does not, by any means, deserve $4 mill/yr to lose like this. P.J. Fleck (Western Michigan) record and attitude speak for itself. Tom Herman (Houston) knows how to recruit and use players, Matt Rhule (Temple) more winning than Temple has ever experienced, Craig Bohle (Wyoming) 3 National Championships at NDSU and shaping Wyoming into winning program immediately, Bryan Harsin (Boise St.) they don’t hire losers at Boise, Charlie Strong (Texas) hometown dude that could win right now with this Arkansas team, Jason Candle (Toledo) beat Arkansas and hasn’t let Toledo fall off, Scott Satterfield (App St.) young and winning, unlike Bert, Jeff Brohm (WKU) winning just like Satterfield, Joe Moglia (Coastal Carolina) He came in and actually fixed Coastal Carolina and turned them into a FCS contender. He’s older but, he’s an actual CEO and knows what pieces to put in place and could probably help pick a successor after winning big, Brent Venables (Clemson assistant) I don’t like Clemson but he can coach, Wild Card: Chad Morris (SMU) he’ll probably win big next year with Rafe as his QB. SMU only lacks being healthy and a QB to put Chad on everyone’s radar. The list goes on. Either you’re happy with losing or you’re not and want to look elsewhere.

        • hog_in_iowa says:

          I like Charlie Strong, but if he can’t win at Texas playing all of the Little 10 teams and with the talent pool he has to pick from, why do you think he can win at Arkansas playing the schedule we have to play? The same with any of these other guys. They are all great coaches when playing against mid-majors, but when you play the SEC-W schedule, it’s a little bit different, don’t you think? I doubt if our record would be any better right now with any of them. The Hogs are not on a level playing field when having to recruit against our rivals due to the small population of our state. It may sound like I’m trying to make excuses but I’m not, it’s just reality and it didn’t just change when BB came here. We’ve always had good years and bad years in the cycle, and just about everyone has them. This is not a bad year by any stretch, we could wind us 9-4 for gosh sakes, and very well may. We’re just not at the level of the upper echelon of the SEC right now. Very few are, maybe 2 I can think of and am really not sure even about that.

          • Brian Cruikshank says:

            This is by all measures a bad year. There’s only one team that is the “upper” echelon of the SEC. That’s Bama. Bama has been carrying the SEC for years because they have a coach to do it. Before Saban came, Arkansas played Bama about even since joining the SEC. Coaching matters and to expect a national championship every year is stupid. I do, however, expect to compete. Saying that Bert is the best we can do is idiotic. Petrino did better in less time. We deserve better because we have facilities to rival anyone in the country. Complaining that we don’t have geography or this or that is a waste. Winning is achievable. Anything less is accepting Bert’s voodoo loser magic.

  8. hognaustin says:

    Go with my gut this time – unlike my thots on the LSU game. Hogs lose. It’s pretty simple, we cannot stop the run and we make average QB’s look great – our defense stinks. Our OL is a sieve and Allen will be under duress all evening – MSU 38 Hogs 24.

  9. Neither team seems to be playing well these days, so you must apply science to the issue of winning and losing.

    Hogs 35
    Dogs 31

  10. All trends eventually come to an end W-L-W-L, and it may be this weekend with L-L. It doesn’t look like this team has an on-field leader to step up and rally the troops to a win after a little adversity strikes. And, the coaching staff can’t get them up and ready for two games in a row. Yeah, yeah, there was some hard competition in there, but this team wasn’t ready to play in the last two losses. Predicting scores is just for fun, and until today, I’ve never predicted a loss.
    Slop in the pig pen 27 Those dang cowbells 31.

  11. SCORE PREDCICTS : Do not do a remember last week for the LSUs game. It is over and now the Hogs will play the whole state of Misissipis!

    All the medias say thesis a close one game. But Big coach #BrettBillma say “who are you SECs refs and you do hate us?

    #AusTAlan say “sometimes I do good throws and bad throws but i will only want to do good throws and not bad ones okay.

    #RollyWilly3 and #DevWadWhale will do so many runs but the mans #DruidMorphine and #JayrodCornears are a lot!

    The Hogs defenses mans say “the whole State of Mississippi’s can do good runs but not good throws or catch. This is easy.

    And then assist Big Coach #RawSmith say “do not do worries because I do have a plan but maybe I did lose it somewhere!

    The whole state of Misissipi’s say “ring ring ring and clang clang clank because we swing dum bells around everhwere.

    SCORE PREDCICTS FINAL: The Hogs will do a win it with 35 points verse the Misissipi’s States 24 points! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/66f33b653e743afccc9e6c017d119cda98870289f0536316d9913b6b754e958d.jpg

  12. I think our special teams finally scores a touchdown,changes the momentum and is the difference in this one!
    HOGS 34
    state 24

  13. It is way past time to shut down those damnable bells!!!!

    Razorbacks 35
    Clanga Clanga 16

  14. Hopefully our W-L-W cycle continues this week. Dogs strengths versus our weaknesses adds to the challenges this week.
    Hogs 31
    Dogs 21

  15. Unfortunately, the juice has run out. Road game against team that gives us trouble.
    MSU: 27
    Hogs:. 16

  16. hog_in_iowa says:

    This may be a low-scoring game. I think Arkansas’ Jekyll & Hyde persona will revert back to Jekyll (or whoever the good one was) this week so I’ll say it’ll be Hogs 24-17.

  17. OK, there is no theory made that covers what this team is doing this year. And 23 college professors trying to understand it have resigned. Nothing makes sense with this team. I’m not sure if they’re moving forward, backwards, or stagnant. I want to pick them to win, but if I do, odds are they’ll let me down. I don’t want to be let down. So I’ll pick those DAMN BELLS, and hope for an Arkansas win. I hate doing that reverse stuff but I want them to win more. Where did my season go? I want 3 more months of College Football. Cowbells 30, Hogs 24. I so hope I’m wrong. But I still love my Hogs do or die.

  18. Bean Counter says:

    Simply because I have absolutely no idea with the way this season has gone, I’ll go Hogs 31, Dogs 30.

  19. Bielema has never beaten Mullen. We struggle at home and on the road. We really struggle in this one. MSU 33 Hogs 23

  20. Jonesboro Hog says:

    Hogs arrive in StarkVegas and double down on 8 wins and a trip to the Sunshine State for there Bowl. But the Starks ring true maroon and force this game to come down to the final minutes in this Classic SEC Showdown.

    Arkansas: 31
    MSU: 28

  21. Prediction Hogs win 35-20… why? Who kinows how these guys will play from game to game (at least lately). Should we win.. yes, but can and do we?