January 18, 2019

Game Predictions — Missouri

COLUMBIA, MO - NOVEMBER 28: Jonathan Williams #32 of the Arkansas Razorbacks carries the ball as Ian Simon #21 of the Missouri Tigers defends during the game at Faurot Field/Memorial Stadium on November 28, 2014 in Columbia, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Congratulations to Brian Baer and Hogwild Joshua, for the closest predictions last week.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and much like the two defenses in Starkville, we are in the giving mood (two winners) after that big win which was totally void of defensive football.

Razorbacks will struggle to contain the QB but as Sunshine stated, State cannot stop us. We will win a close one.  Razorbacks 41, Miss State 38.  –  Brian Baer 11/17/2016

Arkansas is 9-0 following an SEC Loss since Bret’s first win. Let that sink in for a minute…Arkansas is really pissed right now…you can tell they are focused by blocking out media distractions this week…I like the Hogs BIG in this one…MSU lost to South Alabama and got Texas A&M while they were injured. Nick is a QB that has padded his stats against UMass and other smaller schools…Arkansas 42, MSU 28.  – Hogwild Joshua  11/17/2016

A win is a win, and we’ll take them however they come.  But if you like defensive football, you probably found that ‘uncommonly unwatchable’.

Next up: Missouri, who leads the SEC in total offense and just put up 740 yards against the Vols.  They lined up and ran it down Tennessee’s throat to the tune of 420 yards rushing.  1,000-yard rusher, and Little Rock native, Damarea Crockett will not play Friday though due to his recent arrest for pot possession.

For those of you new to our little weekly prognostication antics, see our contest rules here.

Here we go:

Walking on Sunshine: Missouri TigersMissouri showed some fight against Tennessee last week, but four turnovers more than made up for the 740 total yards they hung on the Vols.  At 3-8, they will finish their season Friday in Columbia…so will they pack it up early?  The over/under is 75, so if either defense forces a couple of punts, that could be enough.  With a win, the Hogs can still sneak into a Florida Bowl (Gator…most likely).  Arkansas 45, Missouri 35. 

HogBaller: This year’s border battle will come down to which team can stop the run.  On paper, the Razorbacks are heavy favorites and should win going away.  But these Tigers may have something to prove.  One thing is for sure…it’s never easy on the road in the SEC.  Arkansas 41, Missouri 38.

SlobberHog23: Let’s not make this any bigger than it needs to be.  This is a made up rivalry with a silly name.  Missouri is without their stud RB, and the Hogs are hot on O.  Robb Smith saves his job with a decent performance to close the regular season.  Hogs bring home the BLT – “Battle Line Trophy”.  Arkansas 42, Missouri 17.

TipsterHog: The ‘Battle’, in the ‘Show Me’ state shows…that neither team has a defense.  Arkansas 42, Missouri 34.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick. And make sure and add your own take like: “Raise your turkey leg if you like ‘ArMoGeddon’, better than the ‘Battle Line Rivalry’!!!”

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  1. Assuming we actually hop on the plane and show up for this one it is Big bragging rights for me at my workplace in extreme southeast missouri! so with that said, Defense, PLEASE get ONE Stop at least! In my opinion, this would be a worse loss than Toledo in the Bert era if we were to lose, however, I see us protecting the ball and winning the turnover battle and bringing the chrome trophy with the cardinal insert home!
    HOGS 44
    M I Z W H O 38

  2. It’s L week. Tigers eat Hogs. 42-35
    And, a rivalry is born.

  3. Carolina Hog says:

    I don’t think this will be close but who knows. I haven’t picked for weeks because I have no clue about this team. When you can’t stop anyone, then anyone can beat you but I think Rawleigh can run on them and when he runs, we win. Hogs 38 Big12 -21

  4. SCORE PREDCICTS: It is now the last game of the season but it is a trick because the Hogs will do a #Footbowl game to!

    This game after Thanksgiving day is verse #Mizzoos and it is called the #BatterWineRavelry because it is silly.

    – In this game the throw man #AusTAlan will do about 2 football field throws for yards and 3 touchdown its!

    #RollyWilly3 and #DevWadWhale say “we like to do runs and so many of them and watch out because here we go to run it!

    The Hogs defenses mans say “the #Mizzoos young run man did smoke drugs so he is high and cannot do plays verse us!

    : That does mean #McTelevisionAge and #TieOneJohns and #BrookSells will do 3 or 7 sackles verse the enemy throwman.

    : The #Mizzoos mascot man say “hey big coach #BrettBillma we will not win so here is a old turkey leg to eat it!

    SCORE PREDCICTS FINAL: The Hogs will do a win it with 49 points verse #Mizzoos 21 points! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/38cb7140a188d2db54fb313146aad1057e2ddf53cfc07a7bda0e6fa427ad5007.jpg

  5. Brian Baer says:

    Other than the Florida game, our defense is a sieve and it made me smile to hear the “potential” rumor about Charlie Strong coming to Arkansas. I also loved the Missouri linebacker talking trash about the Hogs coming to Columbia. I am predicting a resurgence of the defense and a semi-blowout.
    Razorbacks 45
    Mizzu 23

  6. oldskooljt says:

    Let’s break the rotating W-L trend this week! Lots of O in this game but the Hogs have just a bit more

    Hogs 45
    Miz 37

  7. NewYorkHogFan says:

    The stands will be empty for Thanksgiving break. Missouri has nothing to play for. Their best player is suspended. Arkansas 55 Missouri 28

  8. I’ll go Hogs 49-35. I have to think the poor season, the RB suspension, and the recent accusations of academic fraud are a lot for Mizzou to overcome.

    Side wager on announced attendance? I’m setting the O/U at 30k. Won’t be a good look for a “rivalry” game.

  9. Mizzouree loves company. Tigers are pretty bad, and Hog defense is pretty bad. I would normally say the Hogs will run away with this one, but given the Hog defense, this one could make us nervous into the 4th quarter, just like the MSU game. But, in the end, the Hog offense saves the day and Hogs win a chance to go on a Belk shopping spree . . .
    Hogs: 48
    Mizzouree: 34

  10. To do my part to insure a win for the Hogs, I will pick Missouri to win the game so it will be the opposite. It’s worked too many times for me this year. I got my Tumbler so let it roar, and the Hogs soar. So the Hogs have the offense going, and the defense will show ‘moments’ of what they could be, but it will be the Swiss cheese defense overall with holes in it everywhere. But the Hogs pull it out in the end, as they prepare for a NEW defense next year. I’ll let the four guys above who run this thing speak on this later. Is there anybody else as upset as I am about having so little football left for this year. I am already for next year as soon as the bowl game is over. Yes, I love it that much. Missouri 48 Hogs 28 (swap those for what I think but I have to do this to get a little more for the Hogs Voodoo magic win to work. I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. hog_in_iowa says:

    I agree with Ken Black… can CFB almost be over already? It’s not fair, I tell you. I’m thankful today for all the young men, on all teams, who work so hard year-round to provide us with about 4 months of the greatest entertainment possible. THANK YOU! I’m also thankful for the great guys at Razorbloggers who run this site that gives us fans a quality gathering place to celebrate the highs, bemoan the losses, and basically stay connected to each other. THANK YOU! Hog offense is on a roll, defense shows it can get rolled… UA 48, Season can’t end soon enough 27.

  12. Still some defense guys playing like escaped turkeys the day after the feast. No stomach aches for the pigs!

    Arkansas (pronounced non-Les Miles style) 60

    Misery 24

  13. Roger Shipley says:

    I gotta go with Mizzou………..38-30. won’t be pretty but the battered Tigers will do just enough to win it. ( probably wrong as usual, but here goes nothing)

  14. Two wins in a row…didn’t expect a NC this season, but didn’t think winning two in a row would be so hard. Tomorrow, the Hogs show no mercy for miserable Missouri.
    Razorbacks 52 Tigers 31.

  15. Jonesboro Hog says:

    For whatever reason, I have a funny feeling about this one. Short week and too much turkey and dressing, Hogs come out sluggish and get gashed in the run game by there back up RB. Hogs fight back and take the lead only to give up a game winning touchdown in the final minute.

    Hogs: 41
    Missouri: 42

  16. J. Kevin Burton says:

    Missouri, like the rest of the SEC pack, comes ready to play and has nothing to lose. So Its loud in Columbia early, but ends quiet as Its the passing attack that sends the Razorbacks to victory and an 8-4 season and spot in the Outback or Music City Bowl. Raleigh gets enough and Keon shines. Battle Line Held!

    Arkansas 38
    Missouri 35

  17. J. Kevin Burton says:

    One more tidbit. Look for Dan Skipper and Mizzou’s #38 to exchange jerseys. And its not for autographs at the end of the game, its because the Arvada, Colorado, Giant is protective of his Hogs. You just don’t Poke The Boar!

  18. Won’t even be close. Too full to type any more. Hogs win big 52-24.
    Happy Holidays to all and a big thank you for what you do to keep this site up.

  19. Chris Daigle says:

    Arkansas 50
    Missouri 19

  20. Bean Counter says:

    Ball control and scoring most times we have the ball are the key. Also wouldn’t hurt to stop mizzou every once in a while. 53-30 hogs

  21. Robb Smith has to go. Pittman couldn’t have made that big of a difference…they lined 6 guys up on the goal line and our o-line couldn’t stop a rush 20 yards away