January 18, 2019

Game Predictions — Virginia Tech

VT Arkansas Belk BowlCongratulations to Roger Shipley, for the closest prediction of the Missouri game. It was fitting that a Mizzou fan won that contest, as I don’t think many Hogs fans saw that one coming.

“I gotta go with Mizzou………..38-30. Won’t be pretty but the battered Tigers will do just enough to win it. ( probably wrong as usual, but here goes nothing).”  —  Roger Shipley 11/24/2016

Losses like that can linger if you let them.  Losses like that can get coaches fired too…in our case, not Santa, but maybe some of his elves.  Let’s hope everyone involved can put that one behind them…and fast.

As for the Belk Bowl…minus Louisville or Clemson, the Hogs couldn’t have drawn a worse opponent.  What our defense can’t stop, is exactly what Virginia Tech is.  VT quarterback Jerod Evans (6-3, 238) is the definition of ‘dual-threat’.  He can beat you with his arm (3,303 PaYds, 27 TDs), or his legs (759 RuYds, 10 TDs).  Evans leads the team in rushing.

Longtime VT defensive coordinator Bud Foster has one of his better units in a while.  The Hokies rank 19th nationally in Total Defense (342.8 YPG).  The unit recorded a staggering 103 tackles for loss in 2016, ranking 9th nationally.  For reference, Alabama has recorded 105 TFL this year…the Hogs have 51 (121st nationally).

We’ll wait and see how this one plays out, but on paper, it’s an uphill climb.  Virginia Tech is favored by 7.

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Virginia TechHere we go:

Walking on Sunshine: Got a feeling about this one…the Hogs might be disappointed going to Charlotte, after the possibility for a Florida bowl slipped through their fingers in Columbia.  That, and Jerod Evans plays for VT.  The ‘tinkering’ with the 3-4 is disaster, in what has been a historic season for this defense.  Virginia Tech 48, Arkansas 12.

HogBaller: The Hokie offense against the Razorback defense looks like a huge mismatch.  The Hogs are going to need a great performance from their defense.  Oh yeah, and a turnover or two wouldn’t hurt either.  Arkansas 24, Virginia Tech 21.

SlobberHog23: They put their offense in…we take our offense out.  We put our defense in…and they throw it all about.  They do the Hokie Pokie, while we turn ourselves around.  That’s what it’s all about.  Virginia Tech 38, Arkansas 21.

TipsterHog: The run-pass ability of Tech’s Jerod Evans overwhelms the Hogs defense.  The Hokies win a virtual home game in Charlotte.  Virginia Tech 34, Arkansas 17.

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  1. NewYorkHogFan says:

    I’m afraid that Virginia Tech will be more motivated for this one. The game is being played in the next state over and they will have more fans in the stands. A big, dual-threat quarterback has been hard for our defense to stop. I hope I’m wrong, but it will be: Arkansas 20 Virginia Tech 49.

  2. Virginia Tech nically is a much better team all around. The Hogs are reverting to bringing back previously injured players. Praying for a miracle. Shouldn’t happen. VT 35 Hogs 14

  3. I expect VT to run wild on the Hogs D. Hogs score, but not nearly enough. Yeah, it’s their QB who will be hardest to stop, and their team speed. I just hope the Hogs play up their ability and don’t embarrass themselves the way they did in Columbia.

    Hokies 45
    Hogies 31

  4. Hogs control the clock with an efficient run/pass balance… VT’s D frustrated and tired by the end… Hogs 35 – 31.

    Otherwise… time to cancel Sling and go back to Netflix only. 2016 is in the books. Wait till next year.

  5. ahhhh bowl season, the only thing MORE unpredictable than a squirrel in the middle of the road. Now with that being said, somehow our defense will come up with a big stop to end the game!
    Hogs 41
    Hokies 34

  6. Bean Counter says:

    I’ve sucked at these predictions all season long so hopefully this one will be bad also and the Hogs will surprise me but I’m not optimistic. VT 42, UA 21

  7. hognaustin says:

    This does not bode well for the Hogs. Reason #1: VT won their division in the ACC, played in the ACC title game, played well and could have won AND now they are facing a mid-to-bottom half SEC team in a bowl game. How humiliating for them and I’m sure they are pissed and want to show they deserved a better opponent or to be playing in an even better bowl game. Reason #2: as mentioned already they have an excellent dual threat QB and over the last couple of years our defense tends to make average QB’s look like good QB’s and good QB’s into great QB’s. Thursday’s game will be no different – our defense will make Jerod Evans look like an All American. Reason #3: VT defense is the kind of defense that gives the Hogs problems: fast and big front seven that puts a lot of pressure on the QB. And since our OL is porous, Allen will get hit all day and we will give up a minimum of 5 sacks.
    Because of these reasons (with #1 above being the motivating factor), VT will come out fast and hard, striking first and often with lots of force and it will end up a complete thrashing of the Hogs: VT 18 Hogs 10.

  8. Brian Baer says:

    This will be a shootout and go into overtime with the Razorback defensive backbone stiffening and winning the game.
    Razorbacks 54
    VT 48

  9. Expectations are huge in college football. This was not the year for Arkansas. These kids didn’t need the pressure, had no way to live up to it. It all just makes for a worse start for next year. Wait until 2018!!
    VT 42, AR 24

  10. Hogs will go 2-0 tomorrow
    35-21 over the chokies
    85-73 over the over the Hators in one that’s closer than it looks due to some late clutch freethrow shooting by the 🐗🐗🐗’s

  11. These Hogs may be the most difficult to predict of recent years. Who shows up? the team that dominated Florida? The team that was AWOL at Auburn or the team that played one half at Mizzou? Ugh!!!

    Optimism must reign.

    Hogs 27
    Hokies 24

  12. I will love those Hogs until the day I die. Hogs 24 VaTech 14

  13. I just not sure we have the players to win this game… maybe not even the motivation! However, Hogs win 38-25 with our best performance of the year!

  14. BREAKALERT because today is the day that the Hogs will do a game verse Virginia’s Tex in the #BelkFootBowl game!

    #BelkFootBowl Annualsys – This will be a tougher game ever for the Hogs this season because the Virginia Tex’s are a good team.

    the Virginia Tex’s have a throw man that is good at the throws and good at the ballruns and the Hogs do not like him

    The enemy defense side is a good side and do like to do tackles and sackles behind the scrim line.

    SCORE PREDCICTS: This is the Hogs first game ever to play in a Charlotte town so that is cool and NASCaR it!

    Big Coach #BrettBillma say “we did do a forget of the #Mizzoos game and like we did forgets on how to do football in that last half of it.

    #AusTAlan will do a lot of good throws and 300 yards and 2 touchdown its and maybe a intercept pass play.

    #RollyWilly3 and #DevWadWhale will do a lot of runs and say “we will do so many of them and watch out because here we go to run it!

    The Hogs defenses mans say “do a welcome back bow to #DregInlaw and we will try new defense things today with 4 linebackmans!

    So then #McTelevisionAge and #TieOneJohns will do a tackle so hard on the enemy throwman on his balls fall off.

    The Virginia’s Tex say “we do make wishes that we did not play you because you are the best team ever today!

    SCORE PREDCICTS FINAL: The Hogs will do a close win it with 42 points verse Virginia’s Tex’s 41 points! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/39df043304ccc1673bf9ba1ae2efa6f35bb44d77bebc0ac100586ef42b5e1e6d.jpg

  15. oldskooljt says:

    I agree with all the points made above by Tipster and Sunshine – a terrible match up for us against a strong team playing a “home” game. This could get ugly.

    Hogs 20
    VT 41

  16. Jonesboro Hog says:

    How humiliating for VA Tech right?, matched up against a mid tier SEC team. Goes to show you how strong people believe the SEC is. Just in case the Hokies forgot how tough a mid tier SEC team can be (aka Tennessee), The Hogs will give them a quick refresher. Arkansas comes in mentality prepared and will dominate all three phases of the game!

    Razorbacks: 38
    Hokies: 28

  17. TheRealQDaMan says:

    This matchup doesn’t look too well for our Hogs: a dual-threat QB, a virtual home game for VT, and a new major “tweak” for Da Hog’s D. I’m hoping for the best…but expecting the worse. Virginia Tech 31, Arkansas 21

  18. Based on the SEC’s bowl performance thus far, the conference is due a good win and I think Coach B is looking forward to a daughter named Charlotte. He is going to have the team pumped up for a win.
    Hogs 31 Hokies 27

  19. hognaustin says:

    I know this is late in the game: 8 minutes left and we haven’t scored in the second half – our offense sucks and our defense is suffering under 4 turnovers but SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE TONIGHT OR TOMORROW WHEN COACHES LAND BACK IN FAYETTEVILLE! We suck in the 2nd half this year AND THAT IS COACHING! Fire people NOW! I don’t care if its even Bret – FIRE them now! This is unacceptable! Even bench AA – he sucks in the second half this year! That might be because of bad offensive adjustments – Enos may need to go. Anderson the OL coach HAS to go. And Smith. We are the laughing stock of the entire nation – “keep within 24 points of Arkansas and you can win the game in the second half”. I am appalled. This is unbelievable.

  20. This is a very troubling issue… when do we the fans get a break from all this horrible coaching… this is terrible

  21. aalwaysakid says:

    We only scored 1 time after the 1st quarter!! It has been coaching all along, Southern Teams NEED Discipline PERIOD!!! I remember one of the last plays of this years A-whoopin from Alabama, Coach Sabin ran onto the field to chew out most of the special teams squad for allowing
    us a good run back on their last kick-off to us, he was livid at them for not playing 110% till the last second of the game. My old HS football coach was a Defensive Lineman for the Redskins for 8-10 years and Lions for 8-10 before that, He would pick us up by our face-masks if we quit before the whistle or before the last second of either half. You NEVER see a coach meeting with the DB’s or O or D lineman between possessions, When have you EVER seen AA talking to his line or receivers as a group or individuals when they are struggling? You NEVER see ANY coachs, the least of all Coach B upset with the players and getting on them during the game, and its obvious they aren’t during the week either, It NEVER changes. These aren’t farm boys that have been disciplined by getting up at 4am and working the farm before school for 8-10 years before college, he has NEVER realized that, I knew when I saw his shows on ESPN that Arkansas wasn’t the place for him, You can’t be these kids buddy, or big brother or favorite Uncle, They need a Hardass Daddy that’s gonna instill discipline and ETHICS one way or another, They have to WANT to play for 60 minutes , and they have to be Coached, Coach Enos and AA were chatting on the sidelines like they were watching a high school game or something and not blowing the biggest lead in VT ‘s comeback history, there wasn’t any HURTIN on either of their faces, This isn’t the Pro’s guys, this isn’t a Job for the boys, They need drill sergeants like you see with almost every other winning NCAA program. Time for a change all across the coachs and a Quarterback, AA is no team leader, you NEVER see him LEADING his players, he go and pouts on the bench like the spoiled brat he is.

    • hognaustin says:

      I have to agree – AA is not a team leader. He did pout and doesn’t get into guys faces, he just drops his head and walks off. He needs to get pissed off, curse guys out, shove them and lead them or he needs to sit on the bench and let someone else LEAD this team.

  22. You know what I’m sorry… this isn’t just for the fans, it’s for the boys that work their butts off for 4 years just to be mocked the entire time.. ur right we need a coach that is going to show them discipline and not friendship.. I really feel bad for these kids…

  23. oldskooljt says:

    I try to be a logical guy….and I will be surprised if we fire Bielema…but after 4 years, I think we know what we can expect out of him….and I think we need to shoot for more than that

  24. A once proud program has lost its way.

    It really started so long ago when Broyles was allowed to stay on after firing Holtz. We have been the KUWTK of college football ever since.

    It’s about the game or nothing.

    Ken Hatfield, Jack Crowe, Danny Ford, Houston Nutt, BMFP, John L., Bert Bielema. We’ve been kidding ourselves for a long time. Bert is exactly what we deserve. We earned it.

    It’s about the game or nothing.