February 16, 2019

Razorbacks Accept Invitation to 2016 Belk Bowl

ArkansasRazorbacks.com: Arkansas Accepts Belk Bowl Invitation

Belk Bowl LogoThe University of Arkansas has accepted an invitation to play in the 2016 Belk Bowl held at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, the school and the SEC announced Sunday afternoon. Arkansas (7-5) will take on ACC Coastal Division champion Virginia Tech (9-4) on Thursday, Dec. 29 at 4:30 p.m. CT on ESPN.

The Belk Bowl appearance will be the first for both Arkansas and Virginia Tech, and is the first-ever meeting between the two programs. Arkansas has now earned a bowl bid three straight years under head coach Bret Bielema, a feat that has been accomplished six times in program history.

A lot of ‘firsts’ in that list.  Direct flights from Fayetteville to Charlotte will fill up quick.  Should be a fun matchup with a team that sports a running quarterback…something the Hogs have not been able to stop all season.


Bank of America Stadium - Charlotte


  1. This should be a good game, if. . .if the Hogs show up to play. The Hokies didn’t look too hokey against #2 Clemson Tide on Saturday, playing them to a one-touchdown margin of defeat. I hate to rag on the Hogs at this time of the season, but the Mizzou game left such a bad taste, I haven’t got it out of my mouth yet. Go Hogs! WPS!!!!!

    • PS There’s an interesting political angle to this game, relating to the venue. Last week’s ACC title game between V-Tech and Clemson was originally scheduled to be played at BofA Stadium in Charlotte, NC, site of the Belk Bowl. But they moved the game to Orlando, FL to protest HB2, the NC law requiring transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they were born with. The NCAA, the NBA, many artists and businesses have pulled events from North Carolina. I wish Arkansas and the SEC had that much integrity. I suppose it was not an issue for V-Tech as they are willing to play Arkansas there. I doubt there was anyone in the Arkansas Dept. of Atheltics who was aware of the controversy.

      • You may have hit on why Arkansas was selected when they should have been headed further west.

      • I agree with the born with gender. President Kennedy put a man on the moon, President Obama tries to put men in women’s restrooms. What a contrast in contributions to the nation. Go Hogs Go.

  2. Houston Hog says:

    Should be a good game, but I’m still recovering from the Missouri game.

  3. There is no excuse for the Missouri game. Like Toledo and Rutgers, it is a stain that will never go away, a team too poorly motivated and poorly coached to win. Before we accepted mediocrity it would have required real consequences but, now we only require a good excuse. This team, like all teams, has taken the personality of it’s coach; we don’t have to play well as long as we can talk a big game.
    Playing in lower tier bowls allowed for a couple of easy wins. This one won’t fit in that category. A win here will equal a real accomplishment.

  4. Hogging Travel says:

    Is anyone going to the game? Where are you planning to stay at?

  5. hognaustin says:

    The Mizzou game is still a lingering nightmare and the whole season for that matter leaves a wretched smell in my nose. VaTech has everything that will cause us trouble: a good running game and a dual threat QB. Our defense won’t stop them. Their defense will give us trouble in our attempts to establish our running game. I don’t expect it to be pretty.

    I’m still bewildered at our coaching staff. Less than 2 miles away is an all state DL who got an offer from Bama (he committed to them btw) and an all state QB who broke all of Austin Allen’s HS passing records and this kid is committed to Wake Forest. Both played for the 7A state champions, Fayetteville Bulldogs, and neither one got an offer from the Hogs. Oh, btw, Brookes Ellis’ little brother, Andrew, plays for Fayetteville too. Andrew plays on defense and is much like Brookes in many ways – he plays good defense and he is tackling machine. But there is one thing he does better than Brookes – he can cover receivers.

    And speaking of scholarship offers and signees, we apparently got good news today (Dec. 14), we signed some top notch JUCO receivers and a TE. We still don’t have LB’s or DL or OL but we have receivers (and we’re thinking about going to a 3-4? Did CBB take too many blows to the head??). We’ll end up like a Big12 team, no defense and we’ll have to out score the opponent. Oh wait, looking back over this past year, we played like a Big12 team. I thought CBB wanted to emulate Bama but instead we looked more like TTech than an SEC team.

    The last 2 years ended on a positive note we an optimistic eye to the future. This year ended with a pile of vomit and this next coming year is ominous.

    • We don’t recruit football players unless they are Bert’s boys.

    • Good takes. Byers is an SEC player, but if he gets in, I’ll buy your lunch. 🙂 Powell is a nice player, but size hurts him with the bigger schools. Listed at 6-1.

      • hognaustin says:

        I think he’ll get in even after one year in JUCO because ‘Bama is willing to work with those kinda boys. CBB is not willing – to our hurt. My parents live only 1 mile from the stadium there in Fayetteville so I’ll take you up on that “lunch bet” – I visit 1-2 times a year from Austin. I remember in the late ’60’s & ’70’s standing in line at Razorback stadium at 8am to be selected as a “drink/hog dog” server during those times. I was serving cokes on the west side when Nixon landed in the south area in 1969 and walked up through the crowd. If you’re ever here in Austin, I’ll be glad to treat you.

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