January 18, 2019

Hogs, Anderson Secure NCAA Tourney Bid

Manny Watkins, Hogs Celebrate at SECT (AP Photo/Wade Payne)Mike Anderson was right…”We are back.” Back in the NCAA tourney that is.

The Hogs (25-9) remained hot down the regular season stretch, and after their trip to the SECT championship game, secured a #8 seed in the South regional. The Hogs will play #9 seed Seton Hall on Friday in Greenville, SC. Game times to be announced later this week.

It is exciting to get back, and making the tournament annually needs to be the minimum.

Despite the loss to Kentucky today, the way that that we are sharing the basketball right now is impressive. Inside-Out, spot up, motion offense…you name it, they are executing at a high level right now. This team is not lacking for confidence either, and Mike has done it before at UAB as a #8 seed…advancing in 2004 past #1 overall seed Kentucky.

And for the record, we are not opposed to a little ‘chippy-ness’ like we saw from Dusty and Moses today in Nashville to spice things up a little.

Let’s make some noise!!!  Should be a fun week…enjoy it.


  1. Certainly the Hogs and MA deserve lots of credit for getting this far, for exceeding pre-season expectations and playing their way into the conference title game.

    But I was less than impressed with the effort against KY. The Hogs had two long scoring droughts and lost their poise at times during the game. I don’t know what’s wrong with Moses K. these days. Seems like he’s been in a mental funk all season. But to get two T’s in one game? That’s beyond “chippy-ness.”

    This is Arkansas, and I’m surprised the team got out of TN with nobody being arrested for something, say stealing towels out of the hotel at the very least. And there’s still a few nights left in the week for key players to be arrested for violation of team rules, maybe drunk and fighting on Dickson St. or gang-raping a girl in the jock’s dorm. (Ah, history.) Failing that, Go Hogs! WPS! Crush Seton Hall!!!

  2. It’s been one heck of a basketball season! WPS!! Hawg Ball is fun to watch again. Thank you Mike Anderson! Not to say that losing one’s cool on the court is ever right, but after watching the ref do nothing while watching Monk do the the throat slash, I might have been throwing punches by the end that game myself.

  3. NewYorkHogFan says:

    I’m proud of this team. Great job by Mike Anderson. I am a bit ticked, however, by the lack of respect the Hogs are being given. Why we were seeded lower than South Carolina?! We finished 3rd in the conference; they were 4th. We went deeper in the conference tournament. We beat them head to head. Our record was 25-9; theirs was 22-10. And they are seeded higher? Wha?! I know that they beat Michigan and Syracuse early in the season when those teams were playing poorly. And they did beat Florida. But they have lost 6 of their last 9 games. Also, the commentary during and after the Kentucky game depict the Razorbacks as thugs, and the predictions I’ve seen favor Seton Hall. No respect! Wouldn’t it be grand if we beat the Pirates and then upset North Carolina?

  4. We are in for a few good years, maybe many good years, of Hawgball. It’s not just about winning or the program, Hawgball is our identity.
    “Who is the bigger fool? the fool or the fool who follows him?” Obi-wan Kenobi.
    It is sort of sad to see the noise machine relegated to two more years of making Bert look like he is just around the corner from real success; keeping those REAL Hog fans on the bandwagon. Next year looks so much like this year. A bad offensive line returns to great expectations that are almost certain to fall flat. A defense of new schemes, new players, and new coaches may find immediate success but, likely will be a work in progress. It can’t be any worse.
    The real question for next year, which of the projected wins will go up in smoke? Bert manages to blow at least one winnable game, usually two, each year.
    Wait until 2019!!
    Finally, we know Long should never be allowed to hire again. But, the contract is also a real issue here. Arkansas will never hire like Alabama and Florida, even Auburn or A&M. But it is a high profile stepping stone job. It will put you in the spotlight. We need a 4 year deal more like a professional players contract with a reasonable guarantee and incentives, big money for big progress or achievements, basic pay for basic results. A young coach on the way up will sign on that type of deal. With the money now in football you can’t keep a coach who is successful enough to move up.

    • I thought this was Anderson’s best coaching job yet at Arkansas. He coached up some new players and had them tournament ready, and was this close to reaching the sweet 16. The Hogs lacked that one key player that could have put them over the top: a power forward who could score inside, or, better yet, a center who would have allowed Moses to play the forward spot. Moses was more comfortable when facing the basket. While I expected more from Moses on the season, he was the force behind our single win on dancing with the all-stars.

      A little early for football at my house. I just can’t get into the travails of a bunch of oversized teenage boys in the off-season. I agree that Arkansas will be a middling SEC team as far as the eye can see. We now have peak Bert and peak Long. I am interested to see what results the new defensive scheme brings to the field. Also it looks as tho the Hogs have landed some bright future prospects since NSD, some **** talent on defense, where it is sorely needed. It often seems as tho we’re making progress, but then the big boys make faster progress and we are left in the middle of the SEC West yet again. And that’s all I have to say about football till. . .next time.

      Hope you have a good season on the links, make a lot of $$$$$. Don’t forget the sanity prayer when you miss those 3-foot putts.