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The RazorBloggers Network (RBN) began broadcasting on July 24, 2006.

RBN is an unofficial fan site that provides news and opinion for the rabid supporters of Arkansas Razorbacks sports.  In addition, links to stories of interest from other Southeastern Conference and college sports web sites are provided.

All this and more for free…with no hidden fees or surcharges.  🙂


Mark Barron (TipsterHog) — Techno-geek fan of the Razorbacks and graduate of the University of Arkansas.  Basically looking for an Internet pulpit to provide Jeff Long with helpful suggestions on how to run our athletics department.  Email: TipsterHog; Twitter: @TipsterHog.

J.D. Barron (Walking on Sunshine) — Graduate of the University of Arkansas and self-proclaimed, unabashed “Sunshine Pumper” (a.k.a. SSP).  Believes that Bret Bielema will make the Hogs a Top 15 football program once again.  And much like former Chancellor John “Golden Handcuffs” White, Sunshine prefers to answer the question he wished you had asked, instead of the one you actually asked. Email: Sunshine.

Jordan Manchester (SlobberHog23) — Representing the youth of the Hog fan base, SlobberHog23 graduated from the U of A in 2010.  He “came outta momma” calling the Hogs and telling the truth you don’t want to hear or read.  He is an Instigator Extraordinaire.  Plugged into the mainframe of Razorback sports, this guy has connections out the “yin yang.”  With his hand on the pulse of the One Heartbeat, if it’s Hog football, basketball, or baseball-related, he is ALL IN.  Loves flip flops.

Former Bloggers

Steve Hankins (HogBlogger) — Former “money man” and graduate of the University of Arkansas.  Was watching the “Game of the Century” before TipsterHog was even born.  HogBlogger would be glad to talk to you about any Razorback player from Bill Montgomery to Joe Ferguson to Darren McFadden.

Charles Norman II (HogBaller) — Graduate of the University of Arkansas, and a senior during the ’94 National Championship season.  HogBaller loves to discuss Razorback basketball, former players and legendary games and firmly believes that Razorback basketball was truly born in 1974.  Now he’s just hopeful that Mike Anderson is rebuilding a program that will put Arkansas back among basketball’s elite…where they belong.


Like all blogs, the RazorBloggers Network thrives on the feedback and opinions of those who read it.  Through our open comments policy, any entry made on RBN can be extended with your opinion.

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July 24, 2006

Updated 8/30/15