April 24, 2014

Hold All Tickets: Week 14 Going Back for Seconds

Turkey Football

A few more games than usual have piqued our interest this week so we’ll ‘go back for seconds’ and try to build our bankroll for bowl season.

Hold All Tickets: Week 13 Dodging Bullets


Like a lot of folks, we were thanking our lucky stars we dodged the ‘Georgia +4 bullet’ last Saturday, as that might have been the worst ‘bad beat’ in the history of sports wagering.

Hold All Tickets: Week 12 Return to Form

sportbook 1

Like coming home to that comfortable chair, we are looking for a return to form with some ‘old standbys’ this Saturday.

Hold All Tickets: Week 11 Back on the Horse

Bucking Horse

We knew our 9-week run couldn’t last forever. As we climb back on the horse, a bounce-back week awaits us.

Hold All Tickets: Week 10 Looking for Locks


Last week we rode the Ducks to another winning week. With five weeks left, we’re still striving for perfection.

Hold All Tickets: Week 9 Duck and Cover


With all of the upsets in the SEC and around the country last week, we felt fortunate to break even.

Hold All Tickets: Week 8 Half Way Home

Sports Betting 50-yard line

At the midway point of the season, we have not suffered a losing week – knock on wood.

Hold All Tickets: Week 7 Making a Move

Las Vegas Sportsbook

There are about a dozen games that piqued our interest this week, but here’s our top four plays as we look to make a move at the half way point.

Hold All Tickets: Week 6 Window of Opportunity

Money Sheet

We felt fortunate to go 2-2 last week. This week, a more attractive slate of games awaits us as we look for our windows of opportunity.

Hold All Tickets: Week 5 Tread Lightly

free money

We’re not complaining about four winning weeks in a row, but we were mighty disappointed in our friends from Jonesboro last week.