October 30, 2014

Hold All Tickets: Week 9 Full of Chalk

Coach at Chalkboard

We are ladened with chalk this week as we find all favorites on our card.

Where Did That Come From?

LITTLE ROCK, AR - OCTOBER 18: Hunter Henry #84 of the Arkansas Razorbacks watches a fumble bounce in the air during a game against the Georgia Bulldogs at War Memorial Stadium on October 18, 2014 in Little Rock, Arkansas. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

We thought we had a pretty good feel for this bunch, but didn’t see that performance coming. The Hogs will look to regroup against UAB Saturday.

Hold All Tickets: Week 8 Half Way Home

Las Vegas Sportsbook

Our strategy last week to fade three teams after emotional victories blew up in our face as Ole Miss, Mississippi State and TCU managed to dig deep.

Hold All Tickets: Week 7 Leave Emotion at the Door

Brad Pitt

With a ton of crazy finishes, and 9 of the top 18 teams losing last week, we felt pretty fortunate to post our second straight winning week.

Alabama Preview: Low Tide Invades

Nick Saban

After a much needed bye week, the Razorbacks return home to host to host a hungry Alabama Crimson Tide.

Hold All Tickets: Week 6 Riding the Wave


After a tough stretch, we bounced back last week and made a little meal money. Need to stay on the board and keep riding the wave this week.

Hold All Tickets: Week 5 Still Spinning

Spinning Roller Coaster

Another dismal week for us as backdoor covers cost us two wins. Better days ahead as we look to pull out of this spin.

Hold All Tickets: Week 4 Leaving the Door Open

free money

In our friendly competition with Arkansas Fight, Graham is sputtering out of the gate as well, leaving the door open for us.

Hold All Tickets: Week 3 No Soup For You

Soup Nazi

After last week’s dismal showing, no Mulligatawny Soup for us. We’ve been eating Spam and ramen noodles all week.

Hold All Tickets: Throw Down with Arkansas Fight

Sports Betting 50-yard line

To add a little spice to our weekly picks this year, we have entered into a little season-long handicapping competition with our good friends over at Arkansas Fight.