September 2, 2014

Report: Grobe Will Be Next Arkansas Coach

Jim Grobe (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)
The Morning News (Wednesday): Grobe Tapped To Lead Razorbacks

Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe is going to be the next football coach at the University of Arkansas and is likely to be introduced on Thursday.

The board of the Razorback Foundation met briefly via conference call Wednesday evening and approved a salary supplement for Grobe, who just completed his seventh season at Wake Forest.


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Updated 12/6/07 6:05 p.m.

  • Razorhorn

    Outstanding hire. He coached a team that managed to lose to Nebraska this year.

    Great record too! Per the Media guide, he’s led the Demon Deacons to the following records in that powerhouse of ACC football:

    2001 6-5 (3-5 ACC)

    2002 7-5 (3-5 ACC)

    2003 5-7 (3-5 ACC)

    2004 4-7 (1-7 ACC)

    2005 4-7 (3-5 ACC)

    2006 11-3 (6-2 ACC)

    2007 8-4 (5-3 ACC)

    Given that everyone seems to think our cupboard will be about a bare as WF’s normally is, we’ll only need to wait until 2013 to have our illustrious SEC Championship and BCS bowl birth . . . provided everyone doesn’t mind enduring five straight losing records in the SEC.

  • GonzoHog

    I don’t want to come down on this man just because he come’s from the ACC, and he had several losing seasons there. After all, It is Wake Forest! That’s about the same thing as saying Duke, which is a nobody in football. The ACC is a basketball conference, and there is nothing about the name that will attract a big time football player. Let’s give this man just a little bit of credit, since he did have 2 back to back sucsessful seasons. I seriously doubt another coach could have built what he did any quiker at that university. Welcome to Arkansas Jim Grobe. I seriously hope you have very thick skin. I haven’t felt like saying this in a while, but here goes ….. GO HOGS GO BABY!!!!!

  • Hawgfan100

    Well, that didn’t take long…call me crazy but I think Arkansas has a much better program fundamentaly now than Wake had then. Why don’t we give the guy a chance before we start hanging him up by his balls?

  • Guinness Snout

    Wow. I think I’ve done just as good a job on the coach search.

    Just start at the bottom of the list: Gregg Brandon – Bowling Green $180K/yr

    2007 8-4

    2006 4-8

    2005 6-5

    2004 9-3

    2003 11-3

    Offer him 2x his current salary with ton’s of incentives.

  • Dallas Hog

    Jim Grobe…(Sigh)…Can’t say I’m excited too about this. Once the HR department explains to him the FOIA I’m not sure he will be either. My guess is 3 years from now he will be referred to by his middle name on blogs like this as well and be run out of town.

  • jc

    Can’t say this hire excites me. He didn’t do well at Ohio either. We’re hanging our hat on one solid year at Wake Forest. Would rather have an up and coming assistant like Venables or Muschamp.

  • Guinness Snout

    If this is indeed true (even after the fat lady sings – see Altman), I retract my last statement.

    Welcome coach. If you can win at Wake, you should have no trouble here. . . . let the healing begin. . .join with me . . Kumbaya . .

  • Itsonlyagame

    Coach Grobe, welcome to Arkansas. I am a Razorback and I’m with you a 100%.

  • gas hawg

    If he runs a clean program and a well-disciplined team that doesn’t beat itself I think he’s a definite step up from what we had. And after all, isn’t that what this is all about.

  • Wake alum


    You’re getting one hell of a man and coach. This guy is a proven winner and fully capable of excelling in the SEC. Every single Wake alum will be sickened when this news is made official tomorrow. Congrats on your new head coach.

  • BlindHog

    It is far from a perfect situation. We could have had Butch two years ago. We might have had Gus 5 years from now, still might. No point in passing judgement without more information. He will get the 2 year honeymoon no matter what and he should. I would say on the surface it looks a little too much like a J.White hire but, as I say, lets wait and see what we got.

  • Hawgfan100

    Anyone who’s paid attention to Wake football during the Grobe Era: what kind of offense and defense can we expect?

  • Dallas Hog

    Gregg Doyel wrote an article regarding Grobe back in 11/2006. He had nothing but great things to say about him. Who knows…..maybe (hopefully I am eating about 17 bowls of crow in a few years.

  • Ward_Hog

    Thanks for the post Dallas. Good read. GO HOGS!

  • Carolina Hog

    Better than I would have hoped for 24 hours ago. I know we all want the fix-all pie in the sky coach but I don’t believe that even exists. It only appears to exist when coaches have supperior talent. I shouldn’t have been shocked that the first posts on here were negative but I was. I’m a Razorback fan and I’m along for the ride whether I like it or not.

    Also, I’m not so quick to give this guy a free pass for 2 years. The big studs are leaving town but I still think there is a solid foundation returning.

  • Razorback Fan fron n

    I’m very happy about this hire. Paul Johnson of Navy was another I would have loved. Recruiting to Wake Forest is difficult and he built a clean, respected program there. Give him our resources and look out!

  • Jim Daly Sr.


    The ACC is not a football conference? Tell that to Florida State, Miami, Boston college, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Georgia Tech and even Maryland. As far as not being able to attract first class recruits, it is my undrstanding that Miami has been the leader in recent years in providing the NFL with players..

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  • darrell(Hog in LA)

    Okay, it is official this is getting embarrassing. Grobe is staying put at Wake Forest. The SEC is not for the faint at heart. I think the powers at be should definitely take a timeout and just relax. Les hasn’t signed the contract at LSU and until the ink is dry on that contract, let’s face it everyone is going to be holding their breath. If Les leaves LSU there is going to be alot of movement.

  • GonzoHog

    I understand what your saying Jim, but as we all know, Miami isn’t what it used to be, and niether is Florida St. Virginia Tech is usually pretty good, and the rest of the teams you mentioned are sometimes good, but most of the time “fair to middlin”. Yes, the ACC is still primarily a basketball conference, with decent football talent. If Miami and Florida St. were still doing what they were 5 to 10 years ago, then yes, I would be much more impressed with what the Demon Deacons did last year and probably this year too. They are making some ground, but still no where close to the SEC year in and year out.