February 16, 2019

Hold All Tickets: Week 15 Championship Weekend

Championship Week is here, and with the College Football Playoff entries on the line, expect everyone’s best performance.

Hold All Tickets: Week 14 Rivalry Weekend

This week’s rivalry slate of games are the best in recent memory. Enjoy the weekend…and the turkey.

Hold All Tickets: Week 13 Ring the Bell

Just like the Hogs last week, we rang the bell and posted our best effort of the season going 6-3.

Hold All Tickets: Week 12 Weathering the Storm

Last week was just one of those weeks. This week, look for the weather to be a big factor as we try to ‘weather the storm’ ourselves.

Hold All Tickets: Week 11 Down the Stretch

A bit of a mixed bag for us last week as two teams – Kentucky and Arizona – narrowly missed covering by 2 and 3 points respectively. Better days ahead as we start down the stretch.

Hold All Tickets: Week 10 Digging Out

Nice run as we strung together our second straight winning week. We are still trying to dig our way out of that early season hole…but are seeing things clearly at the moment.

Hold All Tickets: Week 9 Full of Chalk

We are ladened with chalk this week as we find all favorites on our card.

Hold All Tickets: Week 8 Half Way Home

Our strategy last week to fade three teams after emotional victories blew up in our face as Ole Miss, Mississippi State and TCU managed to dig deep.

Hold All Tickets: Week 7 Leave Emotion at the Door

With a ton of crazy finishes, and 9 of the top 18 teams losing last week, we felt pretty fortunate to post our second straight winning week.

Hold All Tickets: Week 6 Riding the Wave

After a tough stretch, we bounced back last week and made a little meal money. Need to stay on the board and keep riding the wave this week.