September 18, 2014

Hold All Tickets: Week 4 Leaving the Door Open

free money

In our friendly competition with Arkansas Fight, Graham is sputtering out of the gate as well, leaving the door open for us.

Hold All Tickets: Week 3 No Soup For You

Soup Nazi

After last week’s dismal showing, no Mulligatawny Soup for us. We’ve been eating Spam and ramen noodles all week.

Hold All Tickets: Week 2 And They’re Off and Running…

Las Vegas Sportsbook

Arkansas Fight was neck and neck with us after Week 1. But we’ve got a little work to do before we can start talking some trash.

Hold All Tickets: Throw Down with Arkansas Fight

Sports Betting 50-yard line

To add a little spice to our weekly picks this year, we have entered into a little season-long handicapping competition with our good friends over at Arkansas Fight.

Hold All Tickets: Week 14 Going Back for Seconds

Turkey Football

A few more games than usual have piqued our interest this week so we’ll ‘go back for seconds’ and try to build our bankroll for bowl season.

Hold All Tickets: Week 13 Dodging Bullets


Like a lot of folks, we were thanking our lucky stars we dodged the ‘Georgia +4 bullet’ last Saturday, as that might have been the worst ‘bad beat’ in the history of sports wagering.

Hold All Tickets: Week 12 Return to Form

sportbook 1

Like coming home to that comfortable chair, we are looking for a return to form with some ‘old standbys’ this Saturday.

Hold All Tickets: Week 11 Back on the Horse

Bucking Horse

We knew our 9-week run couldn’t last forever. As we climb back on the horse, a bounce-back week awaits us.

Hold All Tickets: Week 10 Looking for Locks


Last week we rode the Ducks to another winning week. With five weeks left, we’re still striving for perfection.

Hold All Tickets: Week 9 Duck and Cover


With all of the upsets in the SEC and around the country last week, we felt fortunate to break even.